Fast, Easy, Cheap DIY Cabinet Hardware Jig for Custom Placement

10 Minutes
Found some great hardware? Need it in a custom location? Never fear, custom jig is here!
Ah, our kitchen. Slowly it's coming around to tolerable-to-look-at. Even more so now that our new cabinet hardware has been installed!

Because our cabinet doors have lots of issues, I needed to make a jig specifically for the task. This one is easy and fast to make, and darn cheap using leftover scraps or random cut-off's from the store.
Yes, it took me four tries, I made four jigs, thanks to lots of drilling errors but I finally got one made that works. Come read all the hilarious details (and much more) over on my blog, Flipping the Flip at
Measure and note everything about the cabinet door. Next, I used 1x6, cut two pieces.

I cut little bitty bits of 1x to 13/16" (our doors are 3/4" thick), glued and screwed those in an L shape to the larger 1x pieces to make a sort of sandwich, the cabinet door is the "filling," if you will. The smaller pieces are the stops for the cabinet door corner so you'll always have the exact same holes in the exact same spots from door to door.

I measured and drew out where the holes needed to be drilled on the jig. Make sure to quadruple check your math and don't forget to include the width of the stops within your sandwich.
Drilling the holes straightly and accurately was the hardest part. I made these little guides but my drill bits weren't long enough. I have other suggestions on my blog on how to get the holes straight and true.
Last step before drilling the cabinet doors -- checking the alignment one last time. If you're not 100% positive, test it out on a piece of scrap wood first.
Hold your breath. Drill your holes. Take big sigh of relief.
In this instance, I wanted the bottom edge of the hardware to line up with the edge of the trim. Aaaaand, it's pretty darn close! Whew!
So once you've got one done, it's easy peasy lemon squeezy to do all the rest of the doors, resting assured you'll land the hardware in the right spot every time! Be sure to click on the link below to read all about this adventure as well as many others around our house!
Becky at Flipping the Flip
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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