Galvanized Ice Bucket

by John
5 Materials
4 Hours
I love working with pallets because its a cheaper option for woodworking, and I'm also helping the environment. :)

I made this for a friend for a Father's Day gift. I really wanted to make him something nice that he can use as well.
Not only is pallet wood free, but many places like grocery stores are willing to give them away.
I started by breaking down the pallet with my pallet buster (a gift from the students in the school I work at). I had to make sure that the pallet I chose had a lot of rustic wood on it. 
Then I started taking all of the nails out of the boards and sanded them with 220 grit sandpaper. Then I cut all the boards to the measurements I needed and made the frame out of the support beams of the pallet.
I lined up all of the boards and nailed them to the frame with a framing nail gun and then I closed in the top and placed the bucket upside down on top of it. And then I traced the buckets outline with a dark pencil so I can see it.
Then I drilled 5/8 holes in each side for the rope handles for easy lifting or moving then I drilled another 5/8 hole in the top middle of it.

Then I got my jigsaw and started cutting the outline of the bucket out by of 1/4 in before the line so the bucket would fit perfect then I blew and wiped down the whole thing with a damp rag.

About 20 min later I started to stain it with a dark cherry stain to bring out the wood grains.
About an hour later I added the rope handles  and then I added the bottle opener I got off of a cooler that was going to the dump. Then I added a black hook to hold the sign and they can change it to any sign they want later. Then I added the galvanized bucket. I also added shelves inside so in the winter they can add an indoor plant .

Suggested materials:
  • Pallet wood   (Local grocery store)
  • Galvanized bucket   (Fake market)
  • Rope   (Lowes)
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