DIY Dino Magnets & Starburst Decor | Dollar Store Decor

by Janel
30 Minutes
Both of these projects were made with dollar store items and are simple to make!
The mirror is a great decor piece and the magnets are fun for the fridge!

Check out the video to see the full tutorial on both projects.
Materials for Dino Magnets
Plastic dinosaur
Paint (spray paint works best)
Magnets or magnet strips
Hot glue gun

Cut the dinosaur in half and paint
Hot glue large magnet or magnet strips to dinosaur
(I ended up gluing cardboard first and then glued magnets to the cardboard)
Trim excess and you're done!
Materials for Starburst Mirror
Round mirror
Paint (and brush... or use spray paint)
Wooden skewers
Hot glue gun
Hot glue the skewers to the back of the mirror (pointy side in)
Vary their lengths by snapping them with your hands.
Paint wooden skewers (optional)
Clean off any excess paint from mirror
**If spray painting--paint the skewers before gluing them to the mirror**
Finished Dino Magnet!icon
Finished Starburst Mirror! icon
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  • Wilma Turcotte Wilma Turcotte on Sep 05, 2017
    I have been wanting to make one and have looked at dozens of them and there are so many but none show how the mirror lays against the wall as I don't see how it does with the skewers glued to the back. hmmm. If you glue them to a piece of cardboard its still the same. Help!!!!

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