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Who here is a little obsessed with all things nautical? If you raised a little internal hand just then, this project is for you! And boy is it fun!

This project mixes good old fashioned arts & crafts with some modern resin work. As you may know, resin is kind of my thing right now. But good news, if it’s not yours, you don’t have to include it in your version of this project.

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  • Round mirror (I’ve used a 12” mirror)
  • Rope
  • Twine
  • Old ribbon
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • A marker pen
  • Shells

Optional items (for waves):

  • Resin - I recommend using Rockstar Resins 4 Star 1:1 Thin Coat Resin. Use this link and my code HANNAH at check out for a 10% discount and free shipping!
  • Liquid Pigment (white)
  • Mixing container
  • Mixing stick
  • Protective mat
  • Blow torch
  • Heat gun
  • Gloves

Please see my YouTube video (link above) to do these waves.


Using your marker pen, mark out 4 equally spaced dots on the edge of your mirror.These dots will be used for reference at points later on in this project.


Using your twine and ribbon, you are going to create 4 ’bundles’ that are approx 4” in length and 10 strands of twine wide.

Chop off 10 x 4” strands of twine. Glue each strand in place along a piece of ribbon using your glue gun. Create a neat, tight edge by wrapping the ends of the ribbon around the twine and glue in place. Keep the bundles flat, don’t roll them up.

Once cool and dry, trim down the ribbon ends so that only about 1/4” of the ribbon is visible.


From one of your 4 corner marks made earlier, glue the start of your rope to the outermost edge of your mirror. Gluing as you go, complete one full circle.Instead of continuing and forming a spiral, cut the rope at exactly the point in which it will join up with where you started and glue it in place.

Repeat the above steps starting at the exact same point but one rope width in.

Keep going until you have about 6 fully completed, glued down rope circles.

You may want to tweak this number depending on the overall look that you are going for, however, read the rest of the instructions first as more rope circles are added later on so fewer circles than desired, at this stage, is advised.


It’s time to glue your bundles in place.Using your 4 corner markers, glue each bundle ribbon-edge first up against the side of your innermost rope circle.


There will now be some ribbon on show, add another rope circle as per STEP THREE to hide it.

You will also want to add another rope circle to the very outside to hide the mirror edge. Only glue this rope circle onto your very first rope circle though, not to your actual mirror.

Afterwards, you may think this last circle doesn’t feel very sturdy but don’t worry, this will be remedied later on.


Using your rope, measure out a piece for your handle and cut it to size. I didn’t measure mine as I just eyeballed it, but it was approx 8” long.

Add a blob of hot glue to one tip and join the 2 ends together. Hold in place until cool and dry.

Make another twine bundle like before but this time with 2 ribbon ends and this time only long enough to wrap around your handle snuggly.

Now set aside for later.


Now back to the twine bundles that are already glued to your mirror.

For each bundle, keep the twine pieces flat and straight, pull them back on themselves along an imaginary line up to your marked corner.

Add some glue along this imaginary line and hold the twine pieces in place on top of the glue to dry.

Then flip the mirror over and wrap the twine ends around the edge of your mirror and glue them in place on the back.

Repeat this for each bundle and then snip the loose twine ends off to neaten the whole thing up a bit.


With the handle you prepared earlier, glue the smaller twine bundle to it, pinching the 2 ribbon ends together. I glued along the handle join to give it some reinforcement.

Flip your mirror over and find the top, then glue the handle in place there.

Add one final rope circle starting and finishing at your handle.

This final rope circle should be glued to both your last, outermost rope circle and to the mirror itself. This will encase the whole thing, add rigidity and provide a soft edge for when the mirror is hung on the wall.

Now all that’s left to do is add some cute little shells.


And there you have it! A handmade piece of nautical art.

I really hope you enjoyed this project, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Please do check out my Etsy shop and YouTube channel which would mean an awful lot to me (links above).

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Until next time x

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  • Eliza Eliza on Feb 09, 2020

    O.K. it is Sunday & I am tired...but the foamy treatment on the mirror is to make it look like sea foam of a wave...?

    🌊. Eliza 🍊

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