DIY Sunburst Mirror

by Jennifer
4 Hours
I save and try to use up all the scrap pieces you usually have leftover from other projects. I have several different things I'm going to put together to make a sunburst mirror.icon
All the materials I used were on hand things in my collection of diy/craft stuff.

First thing are two cardboard lids...

Next gold spray paint and copper wire...

next gold rope, metallic gold spray paint, copper wire and a mirror. Not sure what gold rope to use yeticon I was going to use a round piece of wood as a backing but went with the lid instead ( you can see the wood I was going to use in the picture).

I started by cutting the wire in different lengths...

then bending them into a flame shape.

I wasn't worried about the pieces being the same shape, some imperfections are goodicon

Next I made a design with the flames (wire) around the outside of the lid. Okay I have a pattern I want to use next make holes in the side and add the flames.

All the flames are in and now I'll bend the wire back inside the lid. The flames won't fall out of the holes now. I added hot glue to the inside so the wires would hold steady and not flop around.

I bent the wire a bit more and painted the whole thing gold.

Here's a picture of the smaller one I did and where I put the hanger before the mirror goes in.

Add the mirror to the inside so to hide the wires and hot glue. It was by luck the mirror I had fit into the lid from another project I put on this site. I was going to use wood but decided the lid would frame the mirror better in the end. I like it when things work out like that!icon  
Now almost done just need to add some gold rope with some hot glue...

See how the side looks and the wires are not moving.

Finished! icon One thing I might add, glitter to the tips of the flames, not sure... hmm?

This is part 2 of 3 projects from one buy at thrift store. Part 1 and Part 3 

Thanks for looking!icon
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  • MK McDonald MK McDonald on Apr 08, 2017
    Genius!! And so pretty! So much so that I may do what you've done! Was just wondering how you ensure that when you insert the mirror, that it sits evenly on top of all the wire and hot glu. Knowing me, it would be all wobbly or something! Thanks in advance

  • Lut12449913 Lut12449913 on Apr 08, 2017
    What is the cardboard lid from?

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