Driftwood Sunburst Mirror

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Being a regular beach visitor and a frugal decorator helps you find ways to make good use of what you have. Living in a beach town offers you the privilege of using a lot of natural items such as driftwood.)

I collected it and soaked it all in a vinegar and water solution to sterilize it and kill any hidden little bugs. It was then laid outside in the sun to dry for a few days. Next I had a 12"circle of MDF board cut and measured to find the center.

Once the center was found I glued a round mirror in place with Gorilla glue.

Next I randomly glued the driftwood sticks along the exposed wooden frame, alternating the short sticks with longer ones as seen below.

There were some small spaces that I managed to fill in with tinier pieces of wood to completely cover the MDF board. It's like doing a puzzle in some ways, working with all the pieces until it makes a good fit.

With time and patience I managed to complete the project and I was super pleased because it's a one of a kind, frugal mirror with close ties to my Home!

I enjoyed making it so much I went ahead and made another only this time the wooden sticks were remnants of wooden lobster traps that washed ashore. It is similar although distinctively different. Both were hung in my craft room, I suspect there will be many other driftwood creations to post about!

Update to my original post....for those who don't have access to driftwood, use other stick objects. Some have used paint stir sticks, wood shims, tree twigs might be an option as well? Here below I purchased bamboo fencing in the gardening section at the dollar store. It was wired together to form a continuous row but I removed the slats and glued them on my circular form.

*Although Gorilla glue is shown it's not the glue I used because I wanted it to dry clear. Instead I used Aleenes Tacky Glue, using my Hometalk mug to keep it upside down so the glue was always ready to pour. I used a wet paper towel to keep my fingers clean from any glue as I fitted the sticks in place.

Suggested materials:
  • Driftwood Sticks   (Beach)
  • Panel/Ranger Board   (Hardware Store)
  • Aleenes Tacky Glue   (Walmart)
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  • Anne Alexander Anne Alexander on Nov 23, 2016
    These are beautiful...and think the Driftwood is stunning...

  • Tami Landreneau Tami Landreneau on Nov 26, 2016
    so creative . I made seashell covered grapevine wreaths , when I lived at the beach. It had lots of pinks, rose colors, light and medium blues and whites . I love all of your creatively framed mirrors , but, my favorite is the one with the crab trap pieces . Great work.

    • Thanks, I have a Driftwood Monogram one that I haven't got around to posting yet, it's my fave. You'll have to stay tuned...thanks so much!