Rustic Rustic Mirror

by Pauliegirl1
1 Material
I had a vision!!! I cut half inch wood to make a frame, a bit bigger than my mirror. Then I had some corrugated aluminium sheets. I thought why not?? Cut it with tin snips the size of my frame. I attached the corrugated run to my frame. I had this mirror that has been in my stash....Let's just say a while!! I used E6000 glue and attached it to the tin. A very unique mirror!!
Cutting my frame with hand saw.
Measured my corrugated tin and cut with tin snips to match frame.
Wiped down tin, cut to frame size and sprayed with clear acrylic paint.
Found my mirror in my "stash"!
Attached mirror to the tin with E6000 glue.
Let glue dry and set. Finished!!
Suggested materials:
  • Wood, cut to your desired size, corregated tin to fit your frame, tin snips, mirror of your choosing, E6000 glue.   (I had everything. Salvaged wood and tin. Mirror in my stash, I think I got it at Hobby Lobby 50% off)
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