Starburst Mirror

by Gaeb
1 Day
I love the starburst mirrors, the one I had my eye on was CRAZY over priced so in the back of my head wherever I go, its always right there, so when I was at a yard sale and saw this outdoor wall hanging, plus they only wanted 3 bucks for it I said DONE! LOL so its not quite the same but for the money I didn't have to spend to get that look and feel IM BEYOND HAPPY WITH IT!
OK I found this at a yard sale its heavy rod iron but I actually was lucky enough to find 2 of the same exact ones so I paid 6bucks for both
so 1st thing I did was get some metal cutters as I had thought they would be needed but because of how long this lady had them outside it made it SUPER EASY to just bend and snap the centers right off
after measuring the inside I went to a local craft store and found a 12inch mirror for 4bucks
ok so to make sure it stays in place I used LOCTITE its a good glue for this type of project
then I just used a bling ribbon that I had on hand lol I buy in bulk to have around just incase:) but yeah all I did was glue it to it and this is one
this is the other just slightly different
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