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by Hinda
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I always wanted those gorgeous mirrored tray but they were a little bit expensive in my sense to get one when you can make your own. I had an round tray stored in my garage for ever and i didn’t know what to do with it. I was thinking how to upcycle it without to much effort and expanses. I found in my diy project basket several unused mosaic mirrored tile that I used in one of my previous project. And the idea came to my mind to make a cute vanity or coffee table decorative tray. I went to hobby lobby and bought a 10 inches round mirror and added some more mosaic mirrored tiles to finish up the tray.

keep in mind that a wood or plastic tray will work better. I used an upholstered leather tray and that was a headache. The spongy and leathery surface didn’t really helped me to glue the small tiles on it. They slipped very easily and I had to hold them for 5 seconds befor I glue the next one.

Conclusion, use a hard surface for this kind of project, no leather, no bumpy materials.


What I needed to make this old tray looks like a 100 dollar one?

this is a12 inches tray from side to side. The inside is 11 inches so I purchased a 10 inches round mirror to fin in. Fortunately, y

the mirrored tiles I had were fitting perfectly to cover the outside of the tray. I

for the top I had 2 bags of the tiles but I had to buy more. My advice is to buy all at ones because I couldn’t find the right size in 5he stores. Sometimes they run out of the supplies and they bring something totally different. It’s better to have more then you need and returned if They Left than have not enough and find them at all. Especially, when you work with different sizes, you get really confused what size you need really to complete your project.

for this tray I needed 3 different sizes of mosaic mirrored tiles you can find them in (Walmart, hobby lobby, Michaels, Joann stores) and i had also mirror effect sheets from amazon that you can cut it with scissors.

I used a clear glue like E6000 it’s a pretty strong glue for home projects.

I tried to use hot glue but again because of the leather texture of my tray it didn’t stick well. The E6000 is the best in my opinion for a better result.

I started by glueing the sides, when i finished, a small gap remanded empty, so i just placed one more tile overlapping the two last tiles as you see in the picture.

i glued smaller tiles on the top of the ring to cover the entire circle.

This are a self adhesive mirror effect rectangle sheets from amazon, that was a left over from an old project. I used them because I couldn’t find any other mirrors especially the size I wanted.

I measured and cut them to fill the inside tray ring. I secured them with more glue and removed the protective film when i finished the glueing process. As you can see I used my husband’s tools oops! It is trigger clams, to secure the mirrors because of the bumpy spongy sides ehh!!

I removed the protective film and done for now.

I applied some glue in the back of the central round mirror and placed it gently in the center.

I used those tiles in the four sides of around the big mirror to be sure that I placed it right in the center. And then finished placing the other tiles until I finished them all.

again, when you finish and you end with a small gap, just glue on the top of the two last tiles another tile. Nothing will be noticed as everything is mirrored already.

The reason why I do that it’s because you can not know how many tiles you will use and if it gonna fit of not. So don’t bother your self and try your best to tie them together until you finish.

And voila, a worthy tray to display proudly on your bedroom, coffee table or bathroom.

For me I will use it to display my perfumes in the bathroom. I like the reflection of the mirrors and the interesting look it has.

watch the video for more details.

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