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There is something about color that just hits my happy button, especially when those saturated hues are found in soft bundles of hand-dyed wool ready for me to start a new creation. It just so happens that I have amassed a significant assembly of color by simply scanning the bins at thrift stores. Another favorite source is Tuesday Morning, they always seem to have a few skeins of boutique wools that start my heart aflutter.

In all seriousness, I have been obsessed with this stuff since I was a teenager. There always seemed to be such a romantic lure of simple times gone by whenever I thought of the clicking knitting needles whirling around strands of yarn expertly. In fact, at sixteen, I decided to teach myself the craft and secretly knitted my dad a scarf for his Christmas present while I attended the high school football games. Yep, I nerded-out way back in the early 90’s as a DIY crafter….and I am proud of it!:)

As a self-proclaimed crafting nerd, I am continually looking for small projects that help me use up my stash. Stash-busting projects, if you will. Well, taking one look at those beautiful colors, I knew that some Anthropologie inspiration was due. First thing that came to my mind was “tassels.”

Having purl stitched a small swatch, I decided to make a wool pillow and accent it with simple tassels in every color (as long as they were in the same color family, ie jeweltones).

Taking my swatch, I folded it in half and created a quick yarn “needle” out of wire, since I did not have a proper one available at the time.
Using more yarn, I whip stitched three of the sides together and left one open to insert a pillow form.

With my neutral colored pillow sewn up, it was time to have fun with some color!

Whenever I make tassels, I always use some sort of “form” that will help keep the tassels even (here I used a checkbook because it’s width gave me the perfect length tassel for this project).

Loosely wrap the yarn around your form several times.

Once you slip the yarn off of your form, cut a small piece of yarn and put it through the large hole in your bundle.

Tie a knot around the one end.

Now you can cut the other end, essentially breaking the circle. Taking more yarn, wrap it repeatedly around your secured end. This is cute in the same color, but it can be even cuter done in contrasting colors.

Time to repeat a few times!

Like the wardrobe change?!? Haha. This is not the longest or toughest project, but life came knocking and I had to break the project into a two-dayer. However, I love that my outfits were so coordinated with my project. Nope, I am not THAT together…these just happen to be some of my fav colors.

Using a needle and thread, I created a slip knot to attach it to my tassel before sewing the tassel in place on my pillow. Kind of like a kindergarten project, I created a pattern and stuck with it as I sewed my tassels in place.

I think I love the neutral colored pillow getting so many pops of dramatic color. Hope you go a little tassel-crazy! I see detailing for blankets, curtains, earrings, and necklaces in my future! Kind of limitless for such an easy project and DIY decor.

Thanks for stopping by;)


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