Charming Easter Pillow

by Lorraine
3 Materials
I saw a cute pillow at a Joanne's store that had just a big pompon at the bottom,I thought how cute,I can do that! Then it evolved after I found a bunny wood cut out at Target for $3.00. And a rectangle pink velvet pillow at Ross! Off to Joanne's again for yarn and a large needle! Spent about 2 hrs. making it.
I chose a fluffy white yarn,and saw an adorable pastel conffettI fluffy yarn, a large eyed yarn needle , cutout wooden bunny,narrow ribbon ( not in photo),pencil,scissors.
I traced the bunny 3 times on the pillow.
Then I did a back stitch ( don't know if that's what it's really called), all the way around withe the white yarn.
sorry,forgot to mention the large eyed yarn needle I bought wasnt sharp enough to go through the fabric so luckily I had some upholstery needles,one had a large eye, and a very sharp point. Next I made the pompon fluffed it out, sewed it through,knotted really well,then made a little bow and sewed that on.
for the pompom I just wound it around my fingers to desired size and density,I just guessed about how big. You can trim it to a smaller pouf . Then run a legnth of yarn under the wound yarn tie tightly, hold the two ends at knot run half of scissor up through center of wound yarn cut. It will look like a stringy bow tie. Fluff it,brush it,use your fingers to separate it. Attach to bunny .
Ta da!!
Love it!!!
Suggested materials:
  • Velvet pink pillow   (Ross)
  • Yarn white and confetti   (JoAnne's)
  • Wood cutout   (Target)
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