Cute Sheep Cushion

by Sal3170064
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1 Hour
I wanted to make a spring project, and thought a cushion would be nice.
I had some black and white felt left over from another project. I know not very spring like in colour. But I had been admiring the cute sheep in the fields and thought how to use the felt, so I came up with this cushion.

Sheep felt cushion
I used a newspaper to make the pattern, I folded a large full sheet of newspaper into a square, I cut off the excess.
I folded it diagonal, then again, then again. Keep folded, then draw on a heart shape with a pointed bottom,as in photo 2. Open out. This is the body.
Take the excess paper and again for in half, draw a half of a heart but curve the bottom, add an ear,as photo, cut out. Use on black felt.
Photo 2 body pattern
Cut some white eyes, and smaller black out of felt.
(I drew around cotton reels and sticky tape)
Photo 3.Head
Satin stitch the eyes to the head as photo 4. Then pin to the white felt.( Easier if you fold over and crease)Open out with crease at the top. Then position on the bottom. Stitch again with satin stitch.
Cut out four legs approx 4× 6cm. Put two together. Curve bottom edges. Sew around the u shape with normal stitching leaving a gap at the top. Stuff with polyester stuffing.Photo 5
Legs photo 5
Fold the white felt back on its self so the sheep's head is on top. Pin together. Then pin the body pattern over the top, the head should be central under this.
Stitch around the edge, leaving an opening at the bottom to allow you to stuff, before closing include your legs, pin in place, then continue sewing. Remove paper pattern and tidy up around the stitching.
Finished sheep
Suggested materials:
  • White felt, legnth double width. I used.30×60cm oddments of black felt, and stuffing, I used a old cushion.
  • Felt
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