DIY Body Pillow From Two Jumbo Pillows

by Sahana
Finding a body pillow that suits your need is quite a daunting task that too if you are on a budget. Today I am going to show how you can make your own body pillow from two jumbo pillows that I got from Walmart.
Cut off one side of the pillow and remove the stuffing. Do this for both the pillows. Turn the pillow covers inside out and lay one over the other. Use pins secure all the layers together. Cut off the other side too.
Trim one side of the pillow. If you feel the width is too much then trim some inches of fabric instead of just trimming the seams alone. The pillow I used were 20" in width. I trimmed 3 inches on the sides so the final pillow will be 16" in width plus one-inch seam allowance for the side seams.(17" in total). 
Now join the pillow covers in the center. To do this, open the pillow covers and place them right sides facing each other with seams aligned at the center. Sew along the center with one-inch seam allowance. Open the seam allowance and Iron. Fold the seam allowance for half-an-inch on each side and Iron. Sew on each side to secure the allowance. Doing this way ensures the seam at the center lays flat when the pillow is stuffed. (I'm not sure if there is a particular name for this seam, if you know leave it in the comments below.)
Fold the cover lengthwise with right sides facing each other and sew both the sides with half an inch seam allowance. Then sew width wise leaving a few inches gap for stuffing.I also sewed an extra zig zag stitch on all the sides. (shown below) Turn the whole cover inside out and stuff the pillow as desired. I wanted my pillow to be firm so I used all the stuffing that the two pillows had. 
Sew a ladder/blind stitch using hand sewing needle and matching thread to close the gap after stuffing. The pillow is now ready!
To learn how to sew the pillowcase for the body pillow, click here.
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  • Christian Dior Black Christian Dior Black on Oct 07, 2017
    how about putting both jumbo pillows into one body pillowcase and zip it up - done.

  • Donna Donna on Oct 08, 2017
    Why not just buy a body pillow?

  • Nan6196957 Nan6196957 on Nov 24, 2017
    Can I use it for a cushion for my sofa and use 3 regular bed pillows instead?

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  • Silviastar Silviastar on Jun 26, 2022

    Great guide! It would be easier to put 2 normal pillows in one body pillow case, no? I showed this to my sister to help her relieve her sleeping problems since she struggled to find a body pillow that suited her sleeping style. Still, we came across Memory Foam Pillows For Back Sleepers for a reasonable price. Surprisingly she had no complaints, and her sleeping quality has improved since. She's thankful that she finally owns a suitable pillow for her and has had no trouble sleeping ever since.