Diy Cushion Covers No Sew

Frishta DIY craft
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By the name of frishta diy craft
So firstly get your cushion and you old fabric of any kid Iv used an old blanket
Put your blanket on the table and put your cushion on top to see if it fits then cut around the cushion for the perfect size
Then once cutting around remove the cushion and get you glue gun and glue along the edges but leave one of the edges to put your cushion back in
The once that's done put your cushion inside out because you want the inside that you glue facing out then put your cushion back in
Last part glue the last edge and then your done no sewing required and super easy you can also wash it do . The glue won't come apart due to experience Iv washed it hope you liked this easy diy craft and please watch the video and subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't
Suggested materials:
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cushion
  • Old blanket
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