Adriana Boza
by Adriana Boza
15 Minutes
I love decorating with pillows for every holiday and as you probably now pillows can be expensive so today i'm going to show you how to make a beautiful pillow under a budget! and i'm positive you will love the outcome.
for this project you will need 2 fabric fat quarters, these are less than a dollar at walmart , some paint , a glue gun and a stencil. ++(i will leave a link at the end of this post with a tutorial on how to make your own stencils).++

On the picture below you will see how your stencil will look once is placed on the fabric.
After your stencil is placed on the fabric is time to paint,
you can go to the link below to watch the entire tutorial ..... it will only take you 2 minutes :)
This is a great quick weekend project to get ready for the 4th of july! and you can always apply it to any other holiday you like!

On the video below you can learn how to create your own stencils.
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