DIY Marquee Pillow

Michele McDonald
by Michele McDonald
Marquee lights are SO super trendy right now! Mainly you see them as signs or monogram letters. I wanted to make something unique with my marquee. So I put it on a pillow! And the best part? You can still totally lay on it and it will NOT mess it up!
Lights on or off, this pillow definitely makes a statement. And, as you'll be able to tell in the directions, you can spell out any word in any color for any occasion!
Supplies: throw pillow, mesh tube ribbon (available in a variety of colors!), string of battery-operated mini LED lights, glitter glue, E6000 adhesive, Beacon's 3-in-1 adhesive, washi tape
Thread lights through the mesh ribbon. Seal the end with the Beacon's 3-in-1 to prevent fraying.
Glue other end of ribbon to the top of the battery pack.

Apply glitter glue to the battery pack to help it blend in with the ribbon (optional).
Place a long strip of washi tape across the pillow to act as a straight line guide for making the letters of your word with the ribbon. Practicing spelling the word with the ribbon before committing to it with glue to get a feel for how large/small your letters need to be.

Apply E6000 to ribbon in small segments then press to pillow until adhesive is mostly dry. This process can be slow, but will be worth it in the end because NOTHING is going to separate that ribbon from the pillow once the E6000 is 100% dry! You will be able to lay your head on it without worry of anything coming apart.
Glue the battery pack to the pillow so that you only need to give it a slight twist to light the pillow. The mesh of the ribbon is super flexible to allow for the slight twist.

Light up and enjoy!!

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  • Esperanza Esperanza on Apr 16, 2016
    Looks neat, but what about when the pillow needs to be washed, do you have to remove it and then start all over again?

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