Not Just for the Bathroom: Shower Curtain DIY Projects

by Lindsay
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Lately, I’ve been finding so many adorable prints and patterns on shower curtains in stores and knew that they would be perfect to use for other home decor items. When I saw a fabric shower curtain that looked like the pattern on a throw pillow I have, I bought it and decided to use it to make a pillow.

I had NO idea just how many amazing home decor projects I would use that same shower curtain for and still have a lot of fabric left when I was finished. I made seven DIY crafts in two hours from a single shower curtain and spent less on all seven than the cost of my one throw pillow! A shower curtain is a very inexpensive option if you have several uses for fabric. Next time you are browsing and see a fabulous fabric shower curtain design, bring it home and get to work on one or all of these shower curtain DIY decor ideas. Whether you want to make a pillow, framed print, coasters, bandana, hand towel, wall canvas, or drawstring bag; you will be so glad you didn’t leave the shower curtain for the bathroom.

You Will Need:

  • Fabric Shower Curtain
  • Pillow Insert
  • Wood Dowel
  • Frame
  • Cork Sheet
  • Sewing Machine
  • Utility Knife
  • Scissors
  • Safety Pin
  • String
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Paint Brush

Step 1: Choose Shower Curtain

I found a fabric shower curtain with a very similar pattern to one of my throw pillows and knew it would be perfect for a coordinating pillow and countless other projects. Select a fabric shower curtain that you love and will want to tie in with your decor in several places in your home. 

Choose Shower Curtain

Step 2: Measure and Cut Fabric for Throw Pillow

I folded the shower curtain in half and used a pillow insert to measure how much fabric to use for the pillow. I cut out two fabric squares from the folded shower curtain. 

Measure and Cut Fabric for Throw Pillow

Step 3: Reverse Fabric and Line Up Edges

I lined up my two pieces of fabric back to back so that the pattern was facing inward. You will sew the pillow together in the next step inside out.

Reverse Fabric and Line Up Edges

Step 4: Sew Pillow Cover

I used my sewing machine to sew the pillow cover closed on three sides and left one side open to fit the pillow insert inside.

Sew Pillow Cover

Step 5: Invert Fabric and Finish Throw Pillow

After I finished sewing the pillow cover on three sides, I turned my fabric right side out, placed the pillow insert inside, and hand-stitched the last open side of the pillow cover closed. You could continue and make several more pillows from the same shower curtain or move on to one of the next projects! 

Invert Fabric and Finish Throw Pillow

The next project I completed using the shower curtain was cork coasters. 

DIY Coasters

Step 1: Trace Circle Shape for Coasters

I used a coffee mug to trace the coasters’s shape onto my sheet of cork and cut the circles from the cork. I traced the cork circles onto my fabric and cut them out.

Trace Circle Shape for Coasters

Step 2: Apply Fabric to Coasters

I used mod podge to attach the fabric to the cork circles and smoothed them with my hands to make sure there weren’t any bubbles in the fabric. 

Apply Fabric to Coasters

After completing the coasters I wanted to make a tea towel for my kitchen and found the fabric to be ideal for it!

DIY Hand Towel

Step 1: Cut Fabric for Towel

I used one of my other kitchen towels as a template to measure the amount of fabric to cut from the shower curtain for my towel and cut it with a utility knife.

Cut Fabric for Towel

Step 2: Sew Hem for Towel

I folded and used my sewing machine to sew a very thin hem to the back side all the way around the border of my fabric. Fold in half and display!

I made one towel for my kitchen and decided to continue making different craft projects using the shower curtain but you can easily make several more! My next project was a framed fabric print.

DIY Framed Print

Step 1: Disassemble Frame and Cut Fabric

I chose a black frame and removed the matte, back, and glass. I used the glass from the frame to measure the size of my fabric print and used a utility knife to cut around the edge of the glass. 

Frame the Fabric

Step 2: Frame the Fabric

I placed the cut fabric into the frame and covered it with the glass. Hang the frame on a wall for a unique statement piece that will add style to any room.

Frame the Fabric

After decorating my wall with my framed fabric print, my next shower curtain fabric craft was something I could wear! 

DIY Bandana

Step 1: Cut Fabric for Bandana

I used one of my other bandanas to cut a piece of the shower curtain to the right size I needed. I used a utility knife and a cutting mat to cut the fabric.

Cut Fabric for Bandana

Step 2: Sew Bandana Hem

I wanted to give the edges of my fabric a cleaner look and folded and sewed a very small hem all the way around the fabric with my sewing machine. 

Sew Bandana Hem

Step 3: Tie Bandana

I tied my new bandana in the same style I like to wear all of my other ones and love the look of the pattern with jeans.

DIY Bandana

For my next project, I decided to make another wall hanging but wanted one a little larger than the framed print. I used a wooden dowel to create a tapestry style fabric wall hanging.

DIY Wall Canvas

Step 1: Measure Width of Wall Hanging

I used my wooden dowel to measure how wide to cut my fabric for the hanging. I chose to let the dowel extend out on each side a bit.

Measure Width of Wall Hanging

Step 2: Fold and Sew Pocket for Wooden Dowel

I folded a pocket at the top of my fabric panel and sewed it across. I inserted the dowel into the pocket and tied a long loop of string to each side.

Fold and Sew Pocket for Wooden Dowel

Step 3: Hang and Embellish

I found a spot for the wall canvas on a narrow wall joining two rooms and wired a few stems of eucalyptus to the corner of it. 

Hang and Embellish

I still had so much fabric remaining and made a drawstring bag for one last craft project using the fabric shower curtain.

DIY Drawsrting Bag

Step 1: Cut Two Small Lengths of Fabric

I measured and cut two equal pieces of shower curtain for the two panels of my bag. I placed them back to back so that the pattern was facing inward.

Cut Two Small Lengths of Fabric

Step 2: Sew Pockets for Drawstring

I folded each side at the top about an inch and sewed them into a pocket that would hold the drawstring.

Sew Pockets for Drawstring

Step 3: Sew Bag Closed

I sewed the fabric all the way along the seams to close the bag but left the side of the pocket open in order to insert the drawstring.

Sew Bag Closed

Step 4: Insert Drawstring

I turned my bag right side out and used a safety pin to help thread the string through the pocket in the bag. Thread your string through and pull both sides tightly to close the bag.

Insert Drawstring
DIY Drawsrting Bag

These seven DIY projects were so easy and inexpensive to create using one shower curtain and I still had enough left to make several more items. Even if you don’t have a sewing machine, there are great no-sew options and the best part is that everything can be done in one afternoon. The next time you are browsing bathroom decor aisles, be sure to grab a pretty shower curtain to add these adorable projects to your home!

Have you used a shower curtain to decorate a room other than your bathroom? Share your tips and tricks for turning unexpected items into home decor and find inspiration for other DIY hacks like this one on Hometalk!

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  • Julie in GA Julie in GA on Feb 21, 2020

    I’ve covered the chair seats in my dining room with fabric from shower curtains once. It was cheaper than fabric by the yard!

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  • Tracy Mateer Tracy Mateer on Feb 22, 2021

    I cut plastic shower curtains in half (width wise) and use it as a window curtain in my shower. Tension rod and shower hooks...done!

  • Anina Salerno-Aita Anina Salerno-Aita on Sep 19, 2022

    I bought a Christmas themed shower curtain and used it as a wall hanging in my front hall. I also bought one that was an outdoor scene to use as the background for my ceramic Christmas village. If you’re spray painting furniture , cheap plastic shower curtain liners are a good way to make your own spray booth. I taped three together, taped the middle one to the inside of my garage door, and then just ran some rope through the holes on the other two liners and tied it to some 6 foot plastic storage shelves at the top. You can also build a frame from PEX piping if you want something that’s free standing, but I like being able to fold it up to store.