Easy DIY Throw Pillow Covers

Amy Sadler
by Amy Sadler
30 Minutes

Have you been wanting to try hand painting on fabric as I have for a while? This easy DIY throw pillow cover project was just perfect for this idea!

I used my Ikonart Stencil making machine to make my floral stencil because my freehand needs work and I wanted this throw pillow cover to be really good. If you don’t have one yet you can use my affiliate code: amysadler to get a 15% discount.

I hope that this post shows you how easy it is to create handmade, high-impact DIY’s with the Ikonart Stencil Maker because it is such a game-changer in my projects.

Easy DIY ThRow pillow covers
  • Speedball Black Ink
  • Clipart or Art work for your stencil
  • Acrylic paint colors of choice
  • Throw Pillow cover – I got mine at Hobby Lobby half off it was $2.50
  • Ikonart Stencil Kit (Code:amysadler) – The kit comes with everything you need to start making stencils immediately
  • Pillow form
how to make an easy diy throw pillow cover
  1. Find Your Artwork

    I got mine on etsy (here) but I have also made my own in Procreate and Canva for text.

  2. Create Your Stencil

    Follow the instructions for making your stencil here.

  3. Protecting Your Pillow Cover

    Insert a piece of cardboard or something to stop your paint from going through to the backside of your pillow cover. I used a dollar tree canvas board.

  • Place Stencil on Pillow Cover

    When your stencil is ready, place it on your throw pillow cover where you want it.

  • Applying Ink Over Stencil

    Use speedball black ink and “scrape” it over your stencil.

  • Scaping on the Ink

    I wanted a vintage look so I didn’t press my ink in hard.

  • Peel and Rinse Your Stencil

    Peel your stencil and place it in a bucket of water if you can’t rinse it in the sink immediately.

  • Let Ink Dry + Choose Paint

    While the speedball ink is drying, choose the colors of acrylic paint for your project.

  • Prepping Acrylic Paint

    Use an artist tray with a place for water or have a cup of water close

  • Water Down Paint

    Dip your paint brush in water and add water to your paint color so that it is watered down significantly.

  • Start Painting and Have Fun

    Paint your throw pillow cover with the watered down paint just like a coloring book

  • Voila!

    Let the paint dry then display it beautifully in your home!

  • Look how good this turned out! I think they are precious.

    It brought a beautiful touch to my living room.

    I tried it out in a few different places. I really love how it compliments my other decor.

    PS – Check out these unique valances. Can you believe I made them? I did! You can see how I did it here.

    Amy Sadler
    Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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