DIY NO SEW! ZGallerie Beaded"BLINGED OUT" Pillow

Raquel Marie
by Raquel Marie
20 Minutes
I’m giving you step-by-step instructions on how to make a chic no-sew decorative pillow out of a placemat! Yes, a placemat. Things You’ll Need: A placemat (preferably one with multiple layers, I used this sequined placemat from Z-Gallerie) A hot glue gun something to fill it with (i.e. pillow insert, cotton, old shirts, etc.)Step One: Pull the placemat apart or use scissors or a knife, carefully cut along the seams of the mat. The goal is to separate the front and back completely.Step Two: Then remove the hard slip from within the placemat Step Three: Next, we’re gonna fill the “pillow case” as much as possible with your stuffing of your choice or pillow insert step Four: Now hot glue along the open seam and press along the two sides of the seam together to ensure that there are no openings. Hold the sides together until the hot glue is cooled and hardened.Step Five: Take a step back and look at this simple yet gorgeous piece of decor you have just created! You can make a variety of different styles using this easy no-sew method and glamorous placemats.
No one will ever believe you can make such a chic pillow using something as simple as a placemat!
start with a beaded placemat
start with placemat
pull the placemat apart remove the inner lining
pillow insert or cotton
how the placemat with the pillow insert inside
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