Placemats Into Pillows With Red Truck Decoration

Kimberly Jonesy
by Kimberly Jonesy
2 Materials
12 Hours
I found the placemats at Walmarts. $1.88 each. Thick cloth and will adhere to the glue well.
Beacon's Fabri-tac is a strong bond, but, need to have a ventilation and it is sticky if you get it on your hand.
I glued three sides first, using small amounts of hot glue to provide an instant bond. Placed books and weight the seams down. Left a small opening for later on to place the stuffing inside. I let this set for two hours.
I save old holy t-shirts for rags but used them to stuff the pillow. 100% cotton old shirts from when my son used them. Once I had enough filling, I glued the final seam. Used paper clips to close and let it all set overnight.
The next morning, removed the clips, fluffed the pillow out and placed it on my couch. To wash with this glue adhesive, use gentle cycle and air dry the pillow. Try not to put it in the dryer-heat can melt glue and seams can come apart. Air dry. This project is very budget friendly when using old t-shirts because stuffing filler alone is 10 dollars a bag. Since it is a seasonal pillow, I am not worried about expensive stuffing. Walmarts does have a few other designs like snowmen and santas. See what you can find now before they sell out.
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Suggested materials:
  • Placemats   (Walmarts)
  • Glue   (Walmarts)
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