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I know I just posted my drop cloth pillow, but I couldn’t wait to share this easy pom-pom pillow with you. Besides, that one had to come first because…hearts. And Valentine’s Day.

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While you could make this one using a drop cloth, I used a ready-made pillow cover, added pom-poms, and a pillow form. This is a simple way to make a pillow that looks like Pottery Barn– if I do say so myself– for the cost of a pillow form, pillow cover, and a skein of value yarn. And a pom-pom maker makes it even easier.

It’s a quick project too. Don’t you just love a start-to-finish project where the outcome is something you’re excited about? I’m also a bit pom-pom obsessed at the moment– note my winter white pom-pom garland with bells for New Year’s on the mantel.

How to Make a Pom-Pom Pillow

Start with your pom-pom maker— we’re going to make 13 pom-poms in the color of your choice. If you’ve never made them, check out last week’s post for simple instructions.

One caution, don’t use yarn that’s too fluffy or fuzzy– most of the ones I’ve tried tend to shed. I already have a dog that sheds, I don’t need a pillow that sheds! The yarn that worked well for me was Big Twist yarn from Joann Fabrics.

Once you have your 13 pom-poms, set these aside. You’ll need your freshly-ironed pillow cover, scissors, a needle, and thread to match your pom-poms. Mark 13 small dots in the places where you’ll sew each pom-pom.

Thread your needle, knotting the end, and push the needle from the inside of the pillow, through the middle of your first pom-pom. Then go back through the top of the pom-pom and through the front side of the pillow cover. Repeat a few times and then knot. Follow this process until each pom pom is sewn to the pillow cover. Be careful not to sew through the back, so you can insert a pillow.

Trim any excess yarn and strings and insert your pillow form into the pillow cover. Easy peasy! Be sure to check out these two pillow posts, they come with downloadable patterns.

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