Decoupage Paper Napkins on Pumpkins Using Plastic Wrap

There are lots of how-to decoupage on the net but I discovered a much easier way for me to decoupage using plastic wrap. For more info and a complete tutorial visit my post :
I've never had much luck in not having wrinkles when I attempt to decoupage. Using plastic wrap helps with the adherence and is less messy than the usual technique of applying mod podge first, and smoothing out the material with a paint brush.
Paper napkin patterns are very delicate once the white backing layers are removed. Since I had a pattern with a white background, I needed to first paint my orange pumpkins white using chalk paint.
It's always best to tear away the edges of the design so that the napkin will blend in with the background. I thought wetting the edge and pulling it gently away would be better but I was too impatient with drying and used my fingernails to tear the edges away instead.
After removing all the layers from the pattern, I decided where I wanted the design to go on the pumpkin. Next, I placed the pattern face down on the plastic wrap. Then I applied a light layer of mod podge, painting it from the center out pass the edges.
Once covered with mod podge I picked up the top corners of the wrap and placed it on the pumpkin, smoothing out the napkin, center to edge, removing any air bubbles and wrinkles.
Smoothing the wrap over the napkin with my fingers was so much easier and felt really good. I could feel the ridges of the pumpkin while smoothing the napkin. Once satisfied with the look, removed the plastic wrap and let dry. I added additional napkin pieces using the same technique.
Finally, I applied decoupage glue over all the napkin patterns to seal and let dry.

I thought having a larger stem on the pumpkins added a bit of whimsy to the overall look. So I took a small piece of dampen brown bag paper, twisted into shape with one end open to fit around the small stem, coated it with white glue and allowed to dry. And hot glued the twisted paper stem to the pumpkin stems . . .
and then painted the paper stems brown.
I will definitely be using plastic wrap when I decoupage again. This is truly a great idea!
Gail@Purple Hues and Me
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  • Kathryn Cordes Kathryn Cordes on Oct 10, 2017
    Where do you find these beautiful napkins?

  • Erika Weston Erika Weston on Dec 04, 2018

    How do you avoid removing the picture when you peel the clingfilm off?

  • Barb C Barb C on Oct 03, 2020

    These are so pretty. Have you ever decoupaged onto a wall? I'd like to try it on upper wall above faux wainscoting in my bathroom. Do you think it would be a disaster? Would moisture ruin it? And I wonder if it would easily sand off if I or any future owner wanted remove it and repaint the wall? Any thoughts?

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