Easy Pumpkin DIY

Karen Loftus
by Karen Loftus
2 Materials
30 Minutes

It's not too early to think about the Fall! And this little DIY will solve the problem of what to put on the corner of that end table where you need just a little something!

These were made using a Styrofoam ball and yarn.

You can use whichever size you want; I chose these #3 balls. They're the nice sturdy kind that are smooth to the touch.

I first cut a slice off one end to serve as the bottom base of the pumpkin. Then use whatever instrument you have to dig out the center. I started with a melon baller but I snapped that in two. I ended up using this thing we use when we have lobster or crab.

The hole that goes all the way through should be big enough that your thumb can stick through, at least. The idea is that you'll be wrapping the yarn around and inside the hole of the ball, so the hole will "shrink" in size.

I found that a really large tapestry needs worked well, but I started out just wrapping a piece of tape around the end to form a study tip.

Cut a length of yarn off -- something you are comfortable with. Too long and it gets knotted up. I love this Yarn Bee brand, size, color and texture -- just perfect!

Keep the tail of the yarn tucked inside the center of the hole and just keep wrapping around and around. You want a thick yarn, which is why I loved this. If you chose a thin yarn, you'd be doing this forever!

I know it sounds crazy, but we don't have great branches here -- at least ones that don't have needles on them. I'm sure you can find something in your backyard! I found a piece of firewood and broke off a chunk for one pumpkin, and for the other I used these sticks of cinnamon. Ingenious, huh? Just use something natural and organic to stick in the center to form the stalk.

And as always, decorate using an odd number of items for visual interest!

Suggested materials:
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Thick yarn
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  • Cheri Tanner Cheri Tanner on Aug 06, 2021

    Cute idea...but did you cover the bottom with anything? Piece of felt or cardboard? It looks very simple to make. We all love simple!!

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