Floral Moon Pumpkin

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10 Minutes
I love it when I see and/or think of classy versions of holiday decor. My house is usually decked out in reds, oranges, yellows, and other colors that make me think of fall during this time of year; however, this project puts a new spin on my decor.
Halloween really isn't a holiday I recognize--I'm more in to fall in general--but I'm obsessed with this white floral moon on a black pumpkin. I incorporated hydrangeas because they remind me of the south, and these hydrangeas in particular have a small silver speck in the center which adds a little sparkle and make me think of stars.
Supplies: -black pumpkin -artificial flowers (hydrangeas and some white vine flowers I had on hand) -hot glue gun/sticks -scissors *Note: I was going to add pearls to this pumpkin but didn't like the way they looked so I ended up not using them.
STEP 1: Sketch design First, I used a piece of chalk to sketch out a waning crescent moon on my pumpkin. You don't have to do this step but I always end up making my moon look like a "C" so I tried sketching it out first. You can choose to make your moon a waxing crescent instead of you'd rather.
STEP 2: Cut flowers Next, I cut the blooms off of the hydrangea stem and cut pieces off of my white flower vine.
STEP 3: Glue flowers onto pumpkin After I cut my flowers, I hot glued them onto my pumpkin. I started with my hydrangeas in the middle and worked my way out, using the white vine flowers towards the ends.
That was it! This was such a quick and easy project. I still feel like my moon may look a little like a "C" but I don't mind since my name starts with one too. :)
Suggested materials:
  • Black pumpkin   (Michaels)
  • Flowers   (Michaels)
  • Chalk   (on hand)
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  • Jeraldinemarie Jeraldinemarie on Sep 16, 2020

    Loved the pumpkin but was also taken by the tequila bottles, did you do them too?

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