Gorgeous Foliage Pumpkins for Less Than $30

Amanda C, Hometalk Team
by Amanda C, Hometalk Team
4 Materials
1 Hour
If you hate messing with the guts of a pumpkin, there are loads of ways to decorate them without slicing them open. For this project I decided to visit mother nature for some inspiration. These decorative foliage autumn pumpkins are simply covered in pressed leaves and flowers for a super botanical feel. Add some mod podge over the pressed flowers / ferns of your choice on top of your pumpkin(s) for these easy, low-cost beauties!
SUPPLIES: -Pumpkins in various size and color / Heirloom Squash -Pressed Flowers / Leaves -Mod-Podge -Foam Brush
STEP 1: Scrub your pumpkins Clean your pumpkins thoroughly removing any dirt and grime.
STEP 2: Arrange the look Before applying any of your leaves or flowers to your pumpkin(s) with glue, place them on top of the pumpkin to make sure they are arranged to your liking.
STEP 3: Add glue Place some mod-podge on the pumpkin where your foliage will be placed.
STEP 4: Glue the foliage Paint mod-podge to the bottom side of the foliage. This will help it to stick to the pumpkin.
STEP 5: Place the foliage onto your pumpkin Carefully place your leaves and flowers over the mod-podge you painted onto the pumpkin and press in place.
STEP 6: Add more mod-podge Apply a nice coat of mod-podge over the flowers and leaves you pressed on top of the pumpkin. Press any edges that are sticking up in place and hold or place a weight on until it dries.
I actually found these pressed flowers and leaves in a book that was left on the street that I picked up for another art project. I have had them sitting around for over a year now just waiting to use them up.
They each have such great and individual character!
I wouldn't put these pumpkins outside unless you have a good covering overhead. Considering they are simply coated with a gluey substance and aren't weatherproof, I don't know how well they would hold up.
I love the fun shapes and shades of these heirloom squash. It gives great variety beside the normal hum drum pumpkin.
I want to try this with every flower I can find!

There are just so many options on how to decorate these gems!
Suggested materials:
  • Pressed Flowers   (Found / Collected)
  • Pumpkins / Heirloom Squash   (Whole Foods)
  • Mod-Podge   (Michael's)
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