Garlic Ghost Pumpkins ~ Hubby Thinks I've Flipped!

Debi Willhoite
by Debi Willhoite
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For two years or longer now, I have had all these ideas and fabrics laying around to make pumpkins with. I just always ran out of time and never got around to getting them done before the season was over. This year I was determined to finally do it so I could stop thinking about and get it off my list and mind! I have spent the whole week making pumpkins! I have pumpkins made out of an orange vintage chenille that had some issues that I bought to make pumpkins with over seven years ago. I had several old sweaters just waiting to be made into pumpkins for the last two years. And I also had several different patterned fabrics that I thought would make good looking pumpkins too. I also made t-shirt pumpkins, and drop cloth pumpkins made with rolls of tolit paper in them. I got pumpkins every where! But....I have finally done it! Off the list and off my mind to move onto some other things I haven't made that I had planned to do forever ago too! I just have a few more to finish and I'll be done! Yea!
I am on pumpkin overload! Everything I see seems to say PUMPKIN! And...the garlic bulbs I bought at the store the other day were no exception to my pumpkin mind craze! Hubby thought I had finally gone over the edge when he saw what I did to our garlic that was suppose to be used for our meals we had planned! But what does he know!
Well, I thought they were just dang adorable and kind of a unique idea! Don't you? I can always buy more garlic so no biggie! Or are you on his side too lol! Wait till you see his reaction, and then mine to his, on my sweet garlic ghost pumpkins. MEN! Some guys just have no imagination right!? Well at least he thought the rest of the pumpkins I made were pretty sweet and looked nice the way I displayed them around the house. But if he laughs at my garlic ghosts one more time....he's going to be sorry! I got a plan up my sleeve to get even! I think my little garlic ghost pumpkins are a cute idea no matter what he thinks! But then again....maybe I have flipped out of my mind!
This little tiny sweater pumpkin is just one of the many many I've made this last week, just for a sneak peek. Hubs did really like my sweater pumpkins. Lucky for him! I'll be sharing those when they are all completed later. You'll have to visit the blog for the rest of this on my maybe going over the edge garlic ghost pumpkin story! Or at least have a good laugh! I'll sleep on it and see if hubs might be right when I look at them again tomorrow. For now....they are cute! Who knows...maybe you'll want to make some too! Real simple and I share how I did them. Oh just humor me! :)
Debi Willhoite
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