How to Make DIY Pumpkin Decor (Dollar Tree Fall Craft)

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Decorate your home on a budget with this simple DIY pumpkin decor. This easy Dollar Tree fall craft is an easy to spruce up your home for autumn.

If you’re looking for Dollar Tree fall decorating ideas, this Dollar Tree tray pumpkin is easy to make and can be used for the entire season. It’s an easy craft to make, even for beginners, and it uses almost exclusively items from the dollar store. Keep reading to learn how to make this cute and creative DIY pumpkin decor for your home this autumn.

Dollar Tree Fall Decorating Ideas

When it is time to change my seasonal decor, I hit my local Dollar Tree for supplies to make Dollar Tree crafts. Not only do they have several aisles of inexpensive ready made decor, but they also have easy fall craft ideas all over the store. Sometimes you need to think outside the box and use items from a different part of the store. However, I think this Dollar Tree farmhouse DIY turned out super cute!

If you’ve never made DIY pumpkin decor to decorate your home, then you’re in for a treat! Not only is this Dollar Tree fall craft easy to make, but it’s also super affordable!

What Can You Do With Dollar Tree Trays?

There are several DIY Dollar Tree tray ideas that you can make. I made a Dollar Tree tray pumpkin with the set I purchased. However, these inexpensive trays can also be used to make signs for the wall, three tiered trays or even a chalkboard sign. Although they may not look like much in the store, these trays are incredibly versatile to use for your Dollar Tree crafts throughout the year.

Can You Paint Serving Trays?

This DIY Dollar Tree tray craft is made using a plated metal serving tray from the dollar store. They are pretty thin. This makes them tricky to paint as the paint tends to apply unevenly and can sometimes peel off. If you use acrylic paint to decorate your trays, then I highly recommend using a primer before you paint for best results.

I used chalk paint to make my DIY pumpkin crafts. Chalk paint sticks better than other paints. Though, you’ll still have to use three coats of paint for even coverage. Be aware, however, that both acrylic paint and chalk paint can wear off with regular handling. Luckily, this Dollar Tree farmhouse style decor sits on a surface, so it isn’t handled often. When storing, I do recommend wrapping it in paper until next year. This will help to prevent scratches and keep your fall farmhouse decor looking pristine.

Dollar Tree Tray Pumpkin Decor Variations

I made very simple DIY fall pumpkin decor using the materials I bought for this craft project. However, you can get fancy when creating your own Dollar Tree fall crafts, if you like. While I painted my trays cream and just used jute and raffia as decorative elements, you can also mix things up when you make your own pumpkin decor. Here are some easy ideas to dress up your DIY pumpkin crafts for autumn:

  • Paint the trays brown or black and cover with white or cream paint. Then lightly sand off the lighter top color for a distressed pumpkin. You can also dab Vaseline over the darker color paint and then paint over top of it. Then use a paper towel to wipe away the lighter top coat of paint. This helps prevent sanding off the darker color underneath.
  • Paint your Dollar Tree pumpkin crafts orange instead of white.
  • Use brown paint to paint curved lines on top of the white paint. This gives your DIY pumpkin crafts more depth and makes them look like real pumpkins.
  • Use a lacey burlap or rustic burlap ribbon to make a bow for the top of the pumpkin.
  • Add fall flowers to the top of the pumpkin.
  • Use chalk paint on the center tray or on all of the trays to make a Dollar Tree pumpkin crafts chalkboard sign.
  • Use a Cricut or look for stickers at Dollar Tree to add a cute picture or saying to the middle tray.

Pumpkin Craft Supplies and Materials

To make this easy Dollar Tree fall pumpkin decor, you will need to buy the following supplies and materials to get started:

  • 3 Dollar Tree silver trays
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • White chalk paint – I used the Waverly brand, but you can use your favorite brand.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Jute twine – I got mine at Dollar Tree
  • Raffia – I got mine at Dollar Tree
  • Large wood craft stick – I got mine on Etsy, but you can sometimes find them at Dollar Tree as well as Amazon

How to Make Fall Farmhouse DIY Pumpkin Decor

Here is how to make a cute pumpkin craft for your fall farmhouse decor.

1. Begin by painting the three trays with white chalk paint. For best results, you can use a primer first. Otherwise, paint the trays with three coats of paint. Allow the paint to dry completely before adding each subsequent coat of paint.

2. Once the final layer of paint has dried completely, place two of the trays next to each other vertically so that one of the edges overlaps the other one slightly Then use a hot glue gun to glue the two trays together at the overlapping edge.

3. Now add a line of hot glue to the center where the two trays meet. Place the third tray on top of the glue. Then press gently but firmly to attach.

4. Next, add a dab of hot glue to the jumbo wood craft stick. It should be arranged so that it is about two inches from the top. Start at the bottom (two inches from the top) and wrap the jute twine around the craft stick until it’s just below the curved section of the craft stick.

5. Now use a pair of sharp scissors to cut off the curved section. This will make it straight at the top.

6. Next, use hot glue to attach the craft stick to the back center of the trays. Press the stick firmly to hold it in place until the glue dries.

7. Finally, tie a piece of raffia around the stem to make a bow. Then display on your fireplace mantel or shelf for beautiful DIY Dollar Tree farmhouse decor.

Suggested materials:
  • 3 Dollar Tree silver trays
  • White chalk paint
  • Jute twine
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