How to Make Faux Caramel ‘Pumpkin’ Apples

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Make these cute (fake) faux caramel ‘pumpkin’ apples to add to your fall decor or tiered tray!

Use any small foam pumpkins you find for the DIY. These were from Dollar Tree and are about 3-inches wide by 2-inches tall. 

Since I saved some money at DT, I splurged a little and bought faux sprinkles. They are made of polymer clay and they’re so darn cute!

You can also decorate your pumpkins with faux nuts. Faux nuts are generally made from natural corn cob bedding that is used for small animals. Yup, dried and crushed corn cobs look just like chopped nuts!

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Faux 'Pumpkin' apples are actually very easy to make. Follow along with the steps below and check out the video for more detail.

How to Make Faux Caramel ‘Pumpkin’ Apples

To get started you'll need to remove the stems from your mini foam pumpkins. Then push a stick into the center.

Next, mix equal parts Gloss Mod Podge and Caramel color acrylic paint. Mod Podge adds thickness as well as glue to adhere faux sprinkles or faux chopped nuts.

Just a side note, Mod Podge dries clear so it will not change the color of your paint.

Use a small paint brush to mix the mod podge and acrylic paint. Mix slowly to minimize bubbles in the paint.

Then paint your pumpkins as shown above. It's okay to let the paint drip a bit. To me, that just adds to the caramel apple look.

Once you have them painted, sprinkle faux sprinkles or faux nuts on before they dry. This is optional but adds a nice touch.

How to Make Faux Caramel ‘Pumpkin’ Apples - Video from

Here's a photo of my fall-tiered tray. I love how these faux caramel apples came out. For an added touch, I added sprigs of greenery to them.

You can also add a small bow to the sticks or place white cupcake liners or wood disks underneath them.

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Suggested materials:
  • Small foam pumpkins   (Dollar Tree)
  • Acrylic paint in light brown or classic caramel
  • Mod Podge in Gloss
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