How To Upgrade Ugly Fake Pumpkins Into Pretty Copper Fall Decor

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I can't believe that fall is almost here already! Time to start bringing out the pumpkins! And figuring out how to make the ugly fake ones look prettier.

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Unless you buy the expensive "look real but aren't" faux pumpkins, you are probably stuck with some fake ones that look kind of like these. Yours might be orange, but color aside, they still look pretty ugly icon

I decided I could make my pumpkins look prettier and be trendy at the same time by covering them with copper leaf.

It really is easier than it seems like it would be. All you need is the copper leaf, some adhesive and a foam brush.

Use the foam brush to paint a thin layer of adhesive onto the pumpkin.

Then let it sit for about 10 minutes to get sticky.

Use the tissue paper that comes with the copper leaf to pick it up. It is pretty fragile, but don't worry if it will be able to smooth it out once it is on the pumpkin.

I like to use gloves for this stage to prevent getting fingerprints on the foil.

Then use the tissue paper to pat the copper leaf onto the pumpkin.

Add more copper leaf until the entire pumpkin is covered. I was doing small pumpkins so it only took a couple of sheets. If you are doing larger ones, you will need to repeat this a few times.

For the final step, gently rub the pumpkin with a kleenex or piece of tissue paper to remove all of the loose ends and smooth out the surface.

If you want to make sure the copper leaf doesn't come off, you can spray the final product with some metal leaf sealer.

Then you're all ready to start using your copper pumpkins in your fall decorating!

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Suggested materials:
  • Copper Leaf   (Amazon)
  • Leaf Adhesive   (Amazon)
  • Fake pumpkins   (Michael's)
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