Natural Elements Pumpkins for Fall Decor

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This post is sponsored by Aleene’s but the ideas and opinions are my own. Decorating can be simple, clean and elegant when using natural elements as a theme. These natural elements pumpkins for fall decor can used for then entire autumn season making them a total win in the decorating book. I think that pumpkins represent fall best of all and I love them. I love the tall ones, short ones, wide ones, light ones, colored ones and the bumpy pumpkins too. The adhesive that glues these natural element pumpkin masterpieces into creation is Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue. It is a clear glue that works fabulously for decor projects like this one.

Materials and Supplies Needed For Natural Elements Pumpkins for Fall Decor

Directions to Make Natural Elements Pumpkins for Fall Decor

Before getting started, decide which pumpkin is the perfect one for each of the substrates (raffia, rope, burlap/twine) then choose which one to create first. I started with the burlap pumpkin. To open the Aleene’s Clear Gel, take the tiny white top off and snip the tip of the bottle to create a hole. The farther down you snip, the larger the opening will be so keep that in mind when doing this step.

Burlap Natural Element Pumpkins

Place a large piece of burlap under the pumpkin and cut from the edges in to the base of the pumpkin all the way around – about 2 or 3 inches apart.

Place glue on the pumpkin and let it set for 15-30 seconds then pull the burlap tight onto the tacky glue. fold any extra burlap to the side and glue it down too. Do this one section at at time until the whole pumpkin is covered. Let dry.

Next, cut several pieces of twine long enough to wrap around the center of the pumpkin and still have enough length to tie a bow. The more pieces of twine used, the larger the bow will be.

Rope Natural Element Pumpkins

The rope pumpkin is the simplest of these three to make. Start by cutting pieces of rope the length between the base of the pumpkin and the stem. Then, one at a time, adhere them to the pumpkin both in the grooves and in between. Remember to allow 15-30 seconds for the glue to get tacky before attaching the rope.

Once all of the pieces of rope are attached, add a swirl of rope to the top of the pumpkin.

Finish this pumpkin with a bow of twine around the stem.

Raffia Natural Element Pumpkins

For the raffia pumpkin, it works best to braid the raffia first. Use 3-4 strands in each of the three sections of the braids and make enough to cover the amount of the pumpkin you want to cover.

Apply the Aleene’s Clear Gel around the pumpkin and let it sit for the whole 30 seconds to get tacky. The raffia will adhere better this way. Take this one slow and apply one braided raffia bundle at a time, holding it in place until it is secure.

Like the rope pumpkin, add a bow of twine to the stem.

All About Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue

  • Clear Gel is environmentally safe
  • Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue cleans up with water.
  • For maximum adhesion, wait approximately 30 seconds before adhering item to be glued to surface.
  • Available in multiple sizes of bottles.
  • Comes with a cap to keep fresh for multiple uses

Happy Fall Y’all!


Suggested materials:
  • Aleenes Clear Gel Tacky Glue   (Craft Store)
  • Burlap   (Craft Store)
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