One Last Pumpkin DIY, Painted Pumpkins

2 Hours

I painted some pumpkins and then stenciled on them. Not because I didn’t want them to rot but because they were ugly brown.

I had a couple of Pumpkins that didn’t turn out the way that I had hoped. They were a new variety and were supposed to be this pretty grey color. But mine just turned an ugly brown. So I did what any pumpkin addict would do and painted them.

I painted them with some white chalk paint, It only took one coat, which I was surprised of. It did take a bit for them to dry.

I told you they were ugly. I had to pretty them up!

I added some watered down green into the grooves of each pumpkin.

And then I started stenciling some leaves on them. And I added some trailing ivy on the smaller pumpkin.

The green looks much brighter in this photo for some reason but if you do get too much on just take a paper towel and wipe gently.

I then sprayed them with a clear coat to keep the paint on. I really like them. Next year I will be doing some more of these.

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