Personalized Pumpkins

James Bryan C
by James Bryan C
Personalized Pumpkins are an easy and fun project. After you start noticing pumpkins on your vine select one about the size of a soccer ball. Use a small finishing nail or a small blade on your pocket knife. Scratch the child's name in just barely getting through the top skin.. the pumpkin will "bleed" some clear sap wipe the sap all over the "wound" in just a few days the name and the pumpkin will start growing the name will become clearer and clearer and eventually the pumpkin will grow a scab over the name and it will stand out.. Great fun idea to have a pumpkin for your child or grandchild for the fall season. Scratch the year on it as well and you will always have evidence in your photo of the year the picture was taken.. I wish the site would allow photos from different folders to be posted but it is what it is... To see more photos you can join our Facebook following
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  • Molly Molly on Apr 01, 2014
    Thank you for posting this great idea. Brought back good memories. My grandad did this when we were kids and we thought it was so cool to have personalized Halloween pumpkins!