Sock & Washcloth Pumpkins

20 Minutes
Make a pumpkin out of dollar store socks? Why not? If you're still in the fall crafting mood, you can also make a washcloth pumpkin. Here are two more simple projects for little or no money!
My goal was to create some pumpkins with different patterns and textures this year. When I saw some glittery socks on a display near the fall items at Dollar Tree, I thought they could make an interesting pumpkin. I grabbed a peach pair, but I exchanged those for a black pair before I left the store.
I thought of stuffing the socks with plastic bags to form the shape of my pumpkin, but I wanted something with a little more weight to it, so I used this glass jar I had instead.
I put the first sock around the bottom of the jar. The middle of this jar was narrower than the bottom, so I folded the sock over a few times to fatten up the middle.
I then put the other sock over the top of the jar - making sure to bring it down over the very top of the other sock - and folded this one up a few times to fatten up the middle a little more.
That left me with something that looked like this.
The stem was formed by wrapping some twine around the top of the jar; and I tied an acorn-shaped bell to a length of curled rope and tied that around the stem.
To make the curled rope: I wet a piece of rope, wrapped it around the round handle of a long spoon and let it dry overnight.
Simple. If you don't have a similar jar, this project could be easily duplicated by wrapping a sock around a small dollar store pumpkin.
Even though I purchased the Dollar Tree socks, this project isn't really costing me any money. It will be deconstructed at the end of the season. I'll wear the socks as slippers around the house, and the other items can be used again for future projects.
This post continues on my blog with a washcloth pumpkin. You can see that by clicking on my blog post link below.
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