10 Minute Vase Makeover Just in Time for Easter!

by Melanie
6 Materials
10 Minutes
I love tulips, and I live giving them to my family at Easter as a little gift when I go to visit. Unfortunately vases all look the same, pretty boring so I thought I would spruce things up abit. For a few dollars you can make your flowers look amazing.
First a trip to the dollar store where I purchased a roll of fabric, an easter hair scrunchie that has little easter eggs hanging off it answer a bunch of eggs on branches.
Next I took my vase and placed it in the middle of the fabric, bring both ends up to the top of the vase. Once you have determined how much you need start to bring the fabric back over to the start and fold it a few times layering.
Once you have layered the fabric, cut it from the roll. Place your vase in the middle again and bring the fabric up around the vase and place a rubber band around it to hold in place.
It should now look like this. You can trim any long pieces off with scissors.
So here is the hair scrunchie I mentioned. I took this and put it around the top where my rubber band is.
Next I added my tulips. Sorry for the blurry pic.
Next I added my eggs. You may have to trim the branch depending on size of vase.
And here it is all put together. The tulips should be open completely just in time for Easter.
Suggested materials:
  • Roll of mesh fabric   (Dollar store)
  • Easter hair scrunchie   (Dollar store)
  • Vase
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