19 DIY Home Projects for Beginners

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Best of DIY Home Projects

Tackling DIY home improvement projects may seem intimidating at first but once you learn how to complete these simple projects you’ll wonder why you waited so long. Save money by trying these home improvement DIYs yourself. You won’t need to call in an expert with these projects that can be completed in less than a day!

DIY Home Projects (Sassy Townhouse Living)

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 Best of DIY Home Projects

Tackling DIY home improvement projects may seem intimidating at first but once you learn how to complete these simple projects you’ll wonder why you waited so long. Save money by trying these home improvement DIY yourself. You won’t need to call in an expert with these projects that can be completed in less than a day!

Install Crown Molding 

DIY Home Decor Projects (AvantiMorocha)

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Installing crown molding is a project that can be intimidating for many homeowners. A great project to start with is a bay window area like Hometalker Avanti Morocha. She used crown molding to turn her cookie cutter home into a unique style with loads of character. Adding trim around areas like the fireplace and around window frames can give you a custom look but without all the work involved of installing the molding around an entire room. Don’t be afraid to take your time and work on small projects like window and door frames bit by bit. This will help save you money as you complete your projects and hone your skills.

Kitchen Backsplash Makeover

Easy DIY Projects for Home (Jennifer Allwood)

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Another popular DIY project for homeowners is a kitchen backsplash makeover. Jennifer Allwood was tired of her old, dated brown tile backsplash in her kitchen. First, she painted all of the brown tile white which really brightened up the space. Seeing the transformation from dark to light helped her decide to go for it and replace the old tile with new Carrara marble. Installing a high-end material in even one small area like a backsplash can have a huge impact on the entire room. The kitchen now looks, modern, airy and light.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Tutorial

DIY Home Projects Ideas (TheHoneycombHome)

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Installing Vinyl plank flooring is easier than you might think. If you pick a floor that has an underlayment included you will be able to combine steps, making installation easier. The Honeycomb Home installed luxury plank flooring in their daughter’s bedroom in only five hours. The planks have tongue and grooves on the sides making them easy to snap together. Once you snap it into place, you use a tapping block and a hammer to make sure it's flush with the bordering planks. To cut the planks a floor cutter tool that looks like an industrial paper cutter is used. Mark each plank with a pencil and a straight edge where the cut is needed and then pop it into the floor cutter. Wood plank vinyl flooring is durable and hides dirt and dust well because of the color and texture. It's a great affordable flooring alternative to hardwood and a great option for a weekend DIY project.

Learn to Change a Light Fixture

Light Fixture (Sharon @ mrs. hines class)

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Changing a light fixture may seem like an intimidating DIY home project but with a couple of precautions, and in a few easy steps, you can change out your own light fixture. Sharon from Mrs. Hines Class showed us how easy it is to change your light fixture and make a huge impact on the look of your room. After cutting the power to your light, simply disconnect the old fixture and connect the new one by matching the colors of the wires. Twist the ceiling wires onto the coordinating fixture wires. Screw on wire connectors. Tuck the wiring into the lightbox and screw on the new fixture.

Swap Out Your Bathroom Faucet

Best DIY Home [rojects (Living Rich on Less - Susan)

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An easy way to update your bathroom without a major renovation is to install a new faucet. Most sink faucets can be replaced with simple tools and a little know how. Susan from Living Rich on Less showed us how she updated her faucet in just a few simple steps. It’s an easy DIY project that can add value to your home.

DIY Decor Projects

Do you love the high-end look of home accents and decor items from your favorite home decorating and furniture stores but hate the price tag? Once you are ready to style up your space why not try creating some of your own art and decor. It will let you flex your creative muscles while saving money and proving a great conversation piece for guests. Try these DIY home decor projects!

Use Hollow Core Doors for DIY Decor Projects

DIY Decor Projects (Celebrate & Decorate (Chloe Crabtree))

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Hollow core doors are available at nearly every home improvement store. They are inexpensive and make a great base for many home decor projects. Chloe Crabtree from Celebrate and Decorate made a great piece of oversized art using a hollow core door and some wallpaper. After painting the door white, she applied a strip of bright botanical wallpaper down the center of the door. The final look is a chic oversized piece of art that looks great in her bedroom.

Turn Crown Molding Scraps into Art

Cheap DIY Projects for Home Decor (MyAlteredState)

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When working on a home improvement project you will likely have some leftover scraps. Hometalker, My Altered State made a gorgeous piece of statement art with leftover crown molding scraps. After cutting the pieces of trim into triangles she arranged them on the frame in a diamond pattern. The wood pieces are secured with glue and clamps and distressed paint techniques are added to the squares. The result is a truly unique piece of art.

Repurpose Old Cabinet Doors

Cool DIY Projects for Home (Junk Monkey Paint Company)

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If you are renovating a kitchen or bathroom you may end up with some extra cabinet doors laying around. Why not turn them into beautiful home decor as Junk Monkey Paint Company did with their unique signs, trays and wall hooks? Cabinet doors are the perfect size to transform into other useful household decor items. Add some handles on each side and it makes a great serving tray. Screw in some hooks and you have a useful coat rack. You can also stencil a phrase onto the face of the cabinet for inspiring wall decor.

Make Wall Planter from a Pallet

Make Wall Planter from a Pallet(Rhonda B)

See post: Rhonda B|From Pallet to Wall Planters

There is no shortage of recycled pallet ideas on the internet. This wall planter from Rhonda B is one of the best ways to make an easy flower box out of an old pallet. Simply cut the pallet and pry up a couple of the centerboards and you have a great base for a garden box. Paint the wood and plant your favorite flowers or succulents inside. Attach it to a wall or under a window and you have an easy and inexpensive way to add curb appeal to your house.

Make a Light Fixture with Styrofoam Cups

Make a Light Fixture with Styrofoam Cups (Cre14751534)

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If you are looking for an easy and fun light fixture idea you may want to try this project from Cre14751534. They took regular styrofoam cups and glued them together to make an expensive looking light ball. Holes are poked into the cups and a string of lights placed in the center to create a funky light fixture that even your kids can help you make.

Craft a Floral Swag Knockoff

Craft a Floral Swag Knockoff (Celebrate & Decorate (Chloe Crabtree))

See post: Celebrate & Decorate (Chloe Crabtree)|Catalog Floral Swag Knockoff

Do you love the look of high-end floral arrangements but hate the price? This DIY home project from Chloe Crabtree shows us how to create a professional looking floral swag, but at a fraction of the price. Chloe used green floral foam from the craft store and added faux flowers and greenery. Secure flowers to the foam with floral wire and build up the botanical branches until you have a lush, full floral arrangement.

Glam Geode Coaster Tutorial

Glam Geode Coaster Tutorial (Mona ~ Craft Klatch)

See post: Mona ~ Craft Klatch|Glitter Geode Coasters ~ Home Decor!

Crystals and geodes have been trending in the home decor world for a few years now. Hop on board the bandwagon with this glam geode coaster tutorial from Monica at Craft Klatch Monica cuts free form shapes out of plywood and primes them with white paint. Using a combo of Silly Putty and resin, she makes rings on the plywood that give the illusion of a sparkling geode. Use these glam coasters at your next dinner party and impress your guests!

DIY Driftwood Art

DIY Driftwood Art (Engineer Your Space)

See post: Engineer Your Space|DIY Driftwood Art- DIY Home Decor Ideas

No nautical themed home is complete without a few driftwood sculptures or wall art. Engineer Your Space made this inspiring 3D artwork with driftwood and a piece of plywood. The driftwood pieces are sanded gently and glued to a scrap piece of plywood. Hang this coastal conversation piece in your dining room.

Easy DIY Projects for the Home

It can be hard to find time to work on projects around the house and complete all the DIY ideas you have floating around your head. Even if you only have one hour, you can still work on a small project that will improve your home and life. Try these easy DIY home projects after the kids have gone to bed tonight. 

Fix a Squeaky Hinge

Fix a Squeaky Hinge (BrightNest)


Is there anything more annoying than a loud and squeaky hinge when you are trying to move throughout your home quietly? Luckily this is a simple and easy fix, All you need is one of these four items: a bar of soap, petroleum jelly, a paraffin candle or some olive oil. Choose your weapon, and get to de-squeaking. Learn how to de-squeak your hinges here.

Change Your Furnace Filter

Change Your Furnace Filter (Property Inspectors of Atlanta)

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Changing your furnace filter is like stretching – it only takes a few minutes and can prevent major injuries and problems (a broken furnace can hurt your wallet to the tune of $5,000!). So go find your furnace, pull out the dirty filter and replace it with a new one. It's that easy. If you're not sure if it's dirty, keep in mind that it should be white. If you see any other color, it's time to change it!

 Unclog your Drain

Unclog your Drain (Home Repair Tutor)

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Is your bath water draining slower that it should be? Are you tired of standing in 6 inches of water while you take a shower? It may be time to unclog your drain. The Home Repair Tutor shows us how to easily unclog a drain with this tutorial. No need to call a plumber. All you need is a screwdriver and a pair of needle nose pliers. Unscrew the drain and overflow plate and use a pair of long pliers to reach into the drain and pull out old hair and other nasties that lurk below. It just takes a minute and you’ll love having a properly working drain again.

Clean Your Washing Machine

Clean Your Washing Machine (Wendy Mallins)

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Did you know you need to clean your washing machine? Yes! Even the appliances that clean our stuff should be cleaned and maintained a couple of times per year. Wendy Mallins shows us how to clean a washing machine with all natural supplies. Use soda crystals, white vinegar, and a little dish soap to keep your washer spic and span and working wonderfully.

Carpet Deodorizing Powder

Carpet Deodorizing Powder (Mary Beth)

See post: Mary Beth|Make your Own Mattress Freshener and Carpet Powder

If you have kids or pets, it may be time to freshen up your carpets or area rugs. These items can get dingy and hold animal smells as well as dust and dirt from around the home. There is an easy way to freshen up your carpet. Mary Beth shows us how to make a carpet deodorizer that can also be used as a mattress cleaner. All you need is a box of baking soda and a few drops of your favorite essential oils.

Clean Permanent Marker Off of Surfaces

Clean Permanent Marker Off of Surfaces (CreekLineHouse)

See post: CreekLineHouse|How To Clean Sharpie with Rubbing Alcohol and what not to use it on Ever!

The great thing about permanent markers is that they are permanent, that is also the not-so-great thing about them. Especially if little kids get ahold of them or you accidentally swipe one across a wall. Creek Line House shows us how to clean Sharpie marker off a wall with alcohol and most importantly- when not to use this method. Just use a little isopropyl rubbing alcohol from the hardware store and your “oopsies” will be permanently erased.

DIY home projects don’t have to be difficult. Start by learning a few simple skills and you will have the know-how to tackle bigger projects in no time. Whether it’s a simple home decor or maintenance project or learning how to replace a dated home feature to something more contemporary there is a project you can complete.

What are your favorite DIY home projects? Do you have any easy projects that beginners can learn to build up their confidence? Share with us in the comments! 

Written for the Hometalk community by: Adrienne Carrie Hubbard | Crafty Little Gnome

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