4 Super Easy DIYs to Add a Vintage Look to Your Home

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Today, I’m sharing with you 4 easy DIYs to add a vintage look to your home.

I acquired some beautiful Victorian patterned gift wrapping paper online at victoriantradingco.com many years ago.

The paper is so pretty.

It deserves to be framed.

So, for my first DIY, I share how I took one of the sheets of wrapping paper and put it inside a gorgeous Goodwill frame.

So, that leads to the first of the 4 easy DIYs to add a vintage look to your home.

DIY No. 1

Make framed art.

What you will need for DIY

Step 1: Take out the backing of the frame.
Now onto step 2: Using a pen or pencil, trace the outside of the frame lining onto the back of the wrapping paper.
Step 3: Taking a pair of scissors, cut along the lines you just traced.
Step 4: Glue or tape the corners of the wrapping paper onto the backing of the frame.
Lastly, step 5: Remove Goodwill price tag. If you have one.

Was that easy or what?

Seriously, that is all it took.

That is one of the 4 super easy DIYs to add a vintage look to your home.

I love this simple DIY.

DIY No. 2

Make a garland.

This project is super easy but has some layers to get to the end results.

Follow the steps below and you’ll have a statement in your home before you know it.

What you will need for DIY

  • 8 dictionary pages
  • Jute Twine
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
Take four dictionary pages.
Fold pages in half and cut shape.
Step 1. Taking 4 pages at a time, fold and cut into a lanceolate shape as shown in photo below.
This is the shape you’ll need for this DIY.
Cut out the middle.
This is what the middle shape looks like.
Step 2: Cut a small lanceolate shape from the middle.
Now on to Step 3: Take the hole puncher and punch two holes on top of the large lanceolate shape.

And one hole on top of the small lanceolate shape.

Step 4: Cut 10 inches of jute twine and lace it into the front of the hole of the small lanceolate shape and into the bottom hole of the large lanceolate shape.
Step 5: Do a simple knot tie to connect them.

Making sure the loop is loose so the middle can easily move around.

Second photo (above) shows what it will look like when done.

Step 6: Cut 8 feet of twine from the reel.

Lace the jute twine through the top hole of the larger shape.

Tie a knot to secure it.

Lay them beside each other as you go and measure 3 inches apart.

Repeat this until all 7 or 8 of the lanceolate are attached.

That is it!

DIY No. 3

Make a cone floral arrangement.

This floral DIY is such a sweet way to add a vintage look to your home.

It’s super easy!

What you will need for DIY

  • Jute twine
  • 2 White Wildflower Stems
  • Bunch of White Peonies
  • 2 Inch Lace Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun or Tape
  • Scissors
  • 1 Dictionary page
Step 1: Roll dictionary page into a cone.

Tape or hot glue the edge to secure it.

Step 2. Take the 2 inch lace ribbon and hot glue it or tape it to the upper edge of the cone.

Cut it.

Then hot glue or tape the end of the lace to the cone.

Step 3: Place the white peonies and wild flowers inside the cone.
Now to step 3: Making the 8 loop bow.

Make two inch circles.

Looping over and over until you have 8 loops.

Making sure to keep your fingers in the middle to keep it together.

Cut a 5 to 6 inch piece of jute twine and tie the middle of the bow with it.

See photo below.

Step 4: Hot glue the bow to the front, over the seam of the dictionary paper.

This is how it looks!

What do you think? Was that easy?

DIY No. 4

Make a wreath using paper.

This wreath DIY is the last of the 4 super easy DIYs to add a vintage look to your home.

It adds a whimsical element to my dining room. I love it!

I hope you enjoy this amazing and easy DIY!

What you will need for DIY

  • 17 leaf shapes made from dictionary paper
  • Jute twine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
Step 1: You will need 11 leaf shapes cut from dictionary paper.

Hot glue them together making sure to overlap half way over the other.

Step 2: Repeat this for the second layer by using 5 of the leaf shapes.

Overlapping until you’re done.

Step 3: Take the last leaf shape and bend the corners inward.

Glue the ends together.

Putting a dab of glue onto the center of the wreath, lay the looped leaf shape on top and press firmly.

You are now done with making the wreath!

Step 4: Take 12 inches of jute twine and tie the ends together.

Put a dab of hot glue onto the back of the wreath.

Press the tied ends into the glue. (Using the glue gun tip.)

Be careful not to burn yourself. That glue is hot! Ask me how I know.

It looks amazing in my dining room.

What do you think?

I hope you were inspired to make these 4 super easy DIYs to add a vintage look to your home.

For more DIY inspirations you can go here.

You’ll see all of my DIYs in one spot!

I hope you have an amazing week.

Thanks for coming by Victorian Lane Farms.

Until next time.

Bye for now!

Esther I Lewis
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