A Different Sort of Mason Jar Mug.

by Teresa
2 Materials
A mason jar, an old belt, a country mug. Fun and a great gift idea!
This was the only mason jar I had that was not a quart, so I used this one,but ir would work with any jar.
This is the belt my husband was throwing away that gave me the idea.
Cut the belt in two pieces. The one with the buckle has to be long enough to go around the mason jar and have a couple of extra holes punched in it.
I have a leather punch, but if you don't, make a couple of holes in the belt end with the buckle so you can fasten it tightly around the mason jar, make sure it can be pushed on to the mason jar from the bottom and is snug when it is on.
Make a loop out of a piece of the remaining belt, I punched a hole in each end and took a sliver of leather off the bet to thread through the handle and tie on both sides.
Thread the buckle portion through the handle portion and do up the belt.

Slide it up onto the cup. If it was snug before it will be very hard to get up but it will not fall off..

This have 3 holes punched in the part with the buckle so I can make it fit other mugs, mason jars or containers.

Coffee time!
Suggested materials:
  • Old belt, mason jar
  • Utility knife or leather punch
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  • Dou5256259 Dou5256259 on Nov 06, 2016
    How do you fasten the bottom of the handle to the jar?

  • Shirley4 Shirley4 on Nov 06, 2016
    LOVE the look... But... How do you wash it?

  • Renata Renata on Dec 13, 2016
    This is kool but is it really sturdy enough to use as in drinking out of?

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