A New Purpose in Life Now That I Found Unicorn Spit.#SPITchallenge

by MSutton
1 Week
I had been tie dying t shirts for several months I needed a change. I found unicorn spit by being tagged in someone's post. I did some research and decided to buy it and this is what it can do.
I needed something small to do while I wait for my workshop to be completed. I was watching videos of how to apply to glass so I took the same concept to the tile. I took some modge podge as base. Left to dry
I applied purple as my base color. Took the purple and a little bit of water swirled and move the tile around to spread the spit. Then I took the white and put drops all over after the purple was a little dry not completely. After dropping on the second color as I used white I took the syringe that I applied the spit with and drug it through the white into the purple.
I've been applied some drops of black on top of the other colors as they were slightly dry. Do the same with the black as you did with a white dragging the syringe through the spit. After this is completed however many colors you choose to work with ever so slightly mist spray to help colors blend a little, then take to a cooling area such as a refrigerator if you have an extra that's great leave them at least 24 hours there may be some cracking but not much but its still cool.

After they are dry I apply one coat of spray lacquer, then after that dries 24 hours I apply coats of high gloss polyurethane, be sure to let dry in between coats
These are the final product of a set of coasters and a trivet.

I would be willing to do a set of 34 maybe a tub surround or a backsplash in the kitchen sink area or bathroom sink area outside bar , table top but if I'm going to do table top be sure to use a food grade sealer.
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