A New Twist on an Old Favorite Gingham Jars Made With Nail Polish!

Jamie Ueda
by Jamie Ueda
These jars were simple to make only requiring painters tape and nail polish, yes nail polish!
These jars are great for drinks or candleholders, who doesn't love a good glass jar?
Wrap the top of the jar with painters tape, be sure to press all the way around so the paint does not get under the tape.
Stick more tape on vertically, leaving the amount of space you want your square to be. Paint a thin layer of nail polish on the glass jar and let it completely dry. Tip: This works better with a semi sheer nail polish to add to the layering effect.
Once completely dry, peel off the painters tape, you will have stripes around your jar.
Next, wrap painters tape around the jar horizontally leaving the same amount of space as the vertical lines.
Paint around the glass jar. Depending on your nail polish you may need to apply another coat to every other square to darken them. Let dry completely.
Peel tape off and use your gingham jars! I used a yellow candle inside to really make the colors pop and added the blue glass for even more color, can't wait to put this on my table!
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