Add Interest to a Lampshade With Fabric Duck Tape and Ribbon!

Anita K
by Anita K
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A dear friend gave me this cute owl lamp. The lampshade she had was purple, so I needed to swap it for one to match my decor.
I found a paper lampshade at Hobby Lobby on clearance for about $2.00. Did you know that Duck Tape makes a fabric ribbon?! I found it on clearance at Michael's Crafts - it is a lightweight ribbon with a smooth, adhesive backing. I wrapped it around the lampshade. Then, cut it with a sharp pair of craft scissors. NOTE: (If you do not have a local store that carries the product - it can be ordered online - do a Google search for shopping options you prefer. I ordered more from
To add interest, I used a "regular", thin ribbon (also purchased on clearance at Michael's) in-between the Duck Fabric Tape. To adhere the ribbon, a tiny dot of hot glue was used on the end of each strip.
Now, my lamp is a happy reminder of my dear friend, and matches my little reading room's decor!
Suggested materials:
  • Duck Fabric Tape   (Michael's Crafts Store and Amazon)
  • Elmer's Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks   (Michael's Crafts Store)
  • Craft Scissors   (Michael's Crafts Store)
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