Adorable Crayon Art for Baby's Room

Sarit N.
by Sarit N.
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The walls in our rented apartment are all white, so I wanted to add a piece of art that would add a splash of color.
Gather your materials:

You need a canvas, crayons in an array of colors (preferably all from the same company), a hot glue gun, a blow-dryer, and a print of whatever you want to add to the picture. Since this is for my baby's room, I used baby feet that I found online (my son wasn't born yet when I made this, but you can totally use your own baby's foot print).

Stencil the shape

Draw a line of the shape you want; this will help you keep your crayons straight. I should have drawn a line first, because my perfectionist self sees the lopsidedness of the heart every time I look at it.

Line up the crayons and glue them down

I wanted it to be a rainbow, so I lined the crayons up in order, and then glued each one down with a hot glue gun. Make sure the tip of the crayon is facing outward.

Melt the crayons with a blow-dryer

CAUTION: The melted wax splatters everywhere! I taped a clear, plastic tablecloth on the wall and floor for an easy clean up.

Using your blow-dryer, slowly melt the wax until it starts to drip. The blow dryer will spread the wax in a wide direction. Keep melting it until you have enough wax on your canvas. If your crayon melts completely and slides through the sleeve (two of mine did), try and slip the crayon back in. Tilt the canvas to get the desired direction of splattered wax. Some crayons will melt faster than others, but that's okay.

Glue on your print

Once the wax dries, cut out the black print and glue it to the canvas.

Now hang it up to display your colorful artwork!

I don't have a picture of it, but I hung mine above my baby's changing table/dresser. He loves looking at the colors.
Suggested materials:
  • Crayons
  • Hot glue gun
  • Canvas
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