Altoid Gift Tins

Repurpose your old Altoid mint tins and turn them into darling Gift Tins! You can use any kind of paper to make these.
Trace the Altoid box onto the backside of your paper. You will need four paper designs: the outside top, the outside bottom, the inside top and the inside bottom. They can either be the same paper design or different as you will see on mine later on. You will also need to measure the outside sides of the tin and the inside sides and cut strips to those dimensions.

Cut out two of this shape of your patterned paper. This will be for the outside top and bottom. Then for the two insides, cut on the inside of your drawn line and try placing them inside of the tin box. If they do not fit, continue cutting around the box shape until they both fit into the inside of your box.

TIP: If you are going to make more than one of these boxes, now is a good time to trace these templates onto your other paper for your other boxes so that you don’t have to keep measuring for every box.
With a brush, Mod Podge on the top of your tin box. Place the cut-out of your paper onto the top of the box and press firmly. It will be a little bumpy because the altoid letters are raised. Let dry. After it is dry, place upside down and with a razor cutter, cut any excess paper that is hanging over the edges. Do this all around your box.
Next, measure and cut for the three strips that you will need. One for the strip on the lid, one for the strip on the bottom and one for the strip that will go inside your box.

I have found it easiest to apply the rest of your paper to the tin box in this order:

1. Mod Podge around the bottom of the tin and apply the strip for the bottom. Press firmly around the corner edges so the paper strip does not gap. I had my strip meet in the back of the tin.

2. Following the same process, apply the smallest strip around the lid. You will need to cut around the hinges and you can do that with the razor cutter.

3. Apply the third strip around the inside of the box.

4. Now Mod Podge and insert your paper for the bottom inside of the tin and then do the inside top.

Lastly, Mod Podge the outside of the bottom of your tin. Let dry and then once again, cut around the edges for any paper that is hanging over.
Fill with your favorite goodies and your gift is ready to give!
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  • Wduke2 Wduke2 on Nov 17, 2015
    Which glues make them rust? Please share which ones work and which don't.

  • Melody Melody on Nov 19, 2015
    can you tell me how to clean something I mod podged so it don't come up? And then how do I take up a mod podge I don't like the out come of?

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  • Betsy Betsy on Apr 28, 2022

    I am thrilled to see your post! I have been using Altoids for many years and now I have a way to make the tins into gifts!

  • Constance Constance on Mar 09, 2023

    Love it thanks for the project!