Anthropologie Inspired Wall Art
by was honored to have the opportunity to sponsor the Creating with the Stars promotion on East Coast Creative earlier this year and today we’re bringing you another winning DIY project. We are incredibly impressed with this knockoff project from Sarah at While They Snooze. See all the detailed steps from Sarah on how you can create this project in your home at
Brought to you by Sarah:
I chose to knockoff Lost Arcadia By Molly Hatch sold by Anthropologie for $7,500! Since that’s about $7,450 over my budget, I decided to see if it could be done on the cheap. Yup. Here’s what you do.

30 plates – I got mine at Dollar Tree for a buck! (you might want to buy a couple extras just in case… trust me)
Something to hang the plates with – I used 30 medium Command Strips. You could use actual plate hangers but they were too expensive for me (around $3 each). I’ve also seen some people hot glue some sort of loop on the back to hang plates. Any method will do!
A Sharpie – I only used one
A projector – My husband was lucky enough to borrow one from work that hooked up to the computer, but I think you can rent/borrow them from libraries too. Also, there are lots of tutorials around the net on how to make a projector if you don’t have access to one.
For full tutorial visit

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