Bag Clip.

Nena Regalado
by Nena Regalado
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2 Hours
I'm always looking for a clip to close my food bags(chips,cookies etc) but never seem to have one that's not broken so I decided to make my own and have them safely where I can find them...on the fridge.
Clothespin clips with magnets.
Materials I used.
Clipped pins to a paint stir stick.
painted front and back.
Cut magnetic strip and attached to back of each clip. magnetic strip is sticky but I chose to add a tiny bit of hot glue then attach strip.
Magnetized to my fridge.
I decorated and wrote on each one. I used sharpies and nail decals to decorate. i applied mod lodge to front, back and sides. Done😉
Example. Not my bag of sweets,no really🤔😋
When dry I let them hang out on my fridge waiting for a job. Thank you all have a blessed awesome day!!😉
Suggested materials:
  • Wood clothespins   (Family Dollar)
  • Mod podge   (Walmart)
  • Nail decals   (Had them. But you can find these at Walmart or Sally's Beauty supply.)
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