Basket Weaving Class I Took and Basket I Made, 11-3-12

Sharon B
by Sharon B
Wanted to share the fun I had at my class and the beautiful basket I learned to weave in one day, class was from 9am - 2:30pm and I came home with a fiished basket. There were six of us and two instructors in class. It was held at a historical place here and was so nice, we even saw turkeys which u will c too!!!! Enjoy, I did!!!!!
This is my finished basket and the size it should be, I was so excited it came out so nice and even. I decided to wrap the top twice to have the X affect, like it better than just once
Hi all, this is me working hard
My basket almost weaved
Look at the baskets, girl in red and sweather, their baskets are tall and thin, they wrapped them very tight and decided on no trees, mine is beginning of trees, not done yet
Another basket finished by one of the girls and u can see it is smaller than mine, that is because she wrapped it very tight and when doing this, makes it smaller
Instructors and me with our finished baskets, again theirs are smaller and it all depends on how u wrap, all same size but you would not know it
Me working again
Beginning of Basket, dividing it out into sections
Glued down, in between each section will b seven reeds, glued in
Starting to fold reed up to wrap
Starting to wrap, instructor checkin my basket. They were so nice and one on one was great, best class I ever took!!!
Julie working on her basket
My basket from inside
My basket half done
This is the basket below, see how she has the reed up straight, that is why it is tall and smaller, mine above u can see how it is loose and the spokes are outward more
One of the girls getting ready to wrap top, u can see this is one that was wrapped real, real tight, see how tall it is and she kept her reed up straight .....that makes it go straight up
Getting ready to wrap the top
Julie wrapping top, u can c she was loose wrapping hers like I was, same size as mine, she has made baskets before, I never have so I felt great
Our whole class but me, haha, six and two instructors, nice to b able to have one on one and so much fun we had!!!!
Turkeys, lots of turkeys, besides the ones in class...hee, hee
Instructor helping
Almost done
Done with her basket, for the trees
Working on trees
Another basket done, nice we are all getting there
A few done, two on left wrapped tight and the two on the right are done correct
All of us, all done.....oops my trees are not yet here.....haha, well, I had to take pics.......
Instructor showing me how to measure for the rest of my trees....yeah.....
Working on trees for other side, she did both sides
Instructor with her basket
Place where class was held, Heritage Hill
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  • Carrie Krumrie Carrie Krumrie on Mar 16, 2015
    My mom and her friend took basket weaving classes for a while. When Mother passed away, I told every grandchild and or family member to take one that spoke to them........we were all glad to have this gift to be passed on. ....keep making the baskets.....enjoy!!!!!!

  • Sharon B Sharon B on Mar 16, 2015
    Thks Carrie