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Ronja Lotte
by Ronja Lotte
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Recently I have seen a tutorial for a couple of beautiful hanging plants from the wonderful Drthe of ars textura. Since I have a weakness for upcycling, I decided to make two hanging vases with light bulbs. Unfortunately, I had to realize that I'm not MacGyver...
...when I first tried to unscrew a light bulb with a pair of pliers, the glass literally blew up in my face. While I hurriedly searched for my goggles, I could already see the newspaper headlines in my head: "German blogger loses eye in a freak-accident". After my second attempt sent me in search for protective gloves, I had to admit in the end that either A) I am too clumsy or B) all the images on the internet of light bulb vases are made with Photoshop.
Satisfied, I chose option B) and decided to give up. I owe it to my aunt that I got my hanging vases in the end, because she gave me a pack of transparent baubles last week and thereby freed me of the light bulb curse.
You need transparent baubles made of glass and white thin yarn.
First you need to remove the support of the bauble.
In order that the bauble vase can hold the weight of water, I had to think of a new support. On two opposite sides, I knotted white yarn around the opening and glued it with epoxy. This is the only adhesive, which I trust to hold the weight.
Now I only had to fill the bauble with water and a plant and hang it on a long nail to the wall. If you like to see more of my projects, just visit my blog :-)
Suggested materials:
  • Light bulb
  • bauble vase
  • white thin yarn
Ronja Lotte
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  • Kathy Decker Kathy Decker on Feb 28, 2018

    Could you also use clear or white fishing line? The line comes in various “tests”/weights (depending on what size fish you are trying to catch) so could hold the bauble vase I would think.

  • Kelly Marang Kelly Marang on Feb 28, 2018

    Does anyone know which plant's can do well like this? I love the idea, just clueless as to which type plant's do best in this "potting" methods?

  • Jennifer Jennifer on Feb 13, 2021

    Does anyone know what the plant in the 1st picture was? I think it's pretty and would like to get it.

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  • Kathie Everton Kathie Everton on Mar 08, 2018

    Yes I'd like to. I'd also like to save it to favorites the strip across the bottom of this site however the last week there are constant advertising adds covering that part and I cant. It's really got me mad. Please find a way to get rid of these so I can save these projects. Please

  • Brehindman Brehindman on May 13, 2018