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Check out these 18+ Best DIY Room Decor Ideas and Projects shared by other DIYers. DIY home decor has never been more beautiful!

1. Apothecary Style Nightstands

Take a look at this beautiful furniture transformation from dated to timeless and get inspired for your next DIY furniture or easy DIY home decor project! These beautiful apothecary nightstands were brought back to life by Natalie from “A Ray Of Sunlight” with Country Chic Paint in Liquorice. When Natalie found them and started her DIY room decor project, the tables were a little shorter than what she was looking for, but she had a quick fix. Check out the full project here:

2. Quick And Easy Home Decor For Fall

We’re all short on time these days, but we don’t want to give up on our fall decor. Lucky for us, this quick fall DIY home decor project can be done in ten minutes! Blogger “From Eva With Love” shares how she spray painted some household items to come up with this quick, cute and classy Fall DIY home decor project! Take a look at Eva’s complete post here:

3. Mod Bedroom Makeover

Not only is this bedroom makeover mod and new age, but this DIY decor project was all done on a budget while still looking super chic. Hometalkers “Me and Mango” wanted a DIY bedroom makeover, so they took matters into their own hands with this awesome pallet bed and DIY bedroom makeover! This was so easy: all it took was sanding and arranging the pallets, a concrete patterned wallpaper, and artwork and frames they ordered online. Check out the full bedroom makeover here!

4. Fireplace Makeover: Going White!

Let’s face it, a fireplace can be a great focal point of any room. It’s no wonder that DIY fireplace makeovers are becoming more popular in the DIY home decor world. Here, Hometalker Craftsman Finishes shows us how to take your current style fireplace, be it farmhouse, modern, shabby chic or traditional and give it a complete DIY room decor transformation. White is in! The full DIY fireplace makeover can be found here:

5. Shiplap Bedroom Makeover

Who doesn’t love shiplap? It’s super “in” now and is a favorite for DIY home decor projects! Hometalker Amy Underwood Wilson wanted a way for her son to display his vintage license plate collection, so she designed and installed an awesome DIY shiplap wall in her son’s bedroom. The dark color of the shiplap brought a natural rustic charm to the room and was a perfect backdrop to showcase her son’s plates!

6. Glam Accent Wall

Take any wall in your home from blah to brilliant with stencils! Lori Cohen loves the glam look, and shares her tricks of the trade in this awesome DIY home decor project. Lori used a Metallic paint over a stencil on a dark background and the results are stunning! Get inspired from the awesome DIY wall stencil step-by-step tutorial.

7. Italian Living Room Makeover

We all love a dramatic before and after makeover! Hometalker Catherine Di Placido takes her dull living room from blah to brilliant with this full wall clock mural that transformed her Italian living room into an awesome place to hang out. Want to make your home decor a real attention grabber? Get a wall mural and some paste, and you can transform any room in your home with this simple DIY decor makeover idea!

8. Built-In Leather Window Seat

If you’re looking for a gorgeous yet easy window seat really open up those views from your bay windows, this is your answer. Hometalker Adele Durango replaced the windows in her dining room to give the room a more open feeling with stunning views of her property. Once the windows were in, Adele realized in order to get even more of an unobstructed view, she would love to make a built in leather window seat. Grab some leather, plywood and crates and follow Adele’s step-by-step easy DIY home decor instructions for this amazing window seat that has style, function, and extra storage space!

9. Glitter And Pearl Candle Holder

DIY home decor can be simple, affordable and fast! This DIY glitter and pearl candle holder is a perfect example of DIY home decor you can create from items in your home, or take a quick trip to the dollar store and get to DIYing. All you need for these classy candle holders are glass vases or containers, glitter, and any type of embellishments you’d like. Pop in a candle, and voila—a beautiful DIY home decor accent for any decor theme!

10. Dream Teen Bedroom

With some paint, new bedding and updated decor, you can take your child’s room from kiddie to diva! Hometalker Sasha Agent-Marrier had been wanting to update her daughter’s bedroom for a while, and finally took the plunge. Check out this DIY teen bedroom makeover! Sasha’s trick here was to choose a soft color for the walls that wouldn’t take away from the decor, and the results are terrific. To see the full bedroom makeover:

11. Affordable Dining Room Makeover

If you’re looking to DIY stencil a whole room or just an accent wall, check out this amazing DIY dining room makeover. Cutting Edge Stencils shares one of the most amazing DIY dining room transformations yet using their Drifting Willows Wall stencil. These walls went from “blah” to “ooh la la” when this interior designer used this incredible stencil to paint her walls as an alternative to wallpaper. Not only was this easy DIY home decor idea less expensive than wallpaper, but the results are stunning. Check out the full transformation here:

12. Mercury Glass Wall Frames & Glam Wall

Sometimes the simplest DIY home decor is the best! Hometalker and DIY home decor goddess Emme is at it again with these simple DIY wall decor mercury glass wall frames. You can pick up these simple frames at any dollar store, add mercury glass paper and display these frames anywhere in your house. Use them to add some extra flair to any room or display them on a gallery wall for a simple, yet beautiful wall decor DIY. Check out Emme’s full YouTube video tutorial here:

13. Bedside Table Pet Bed

DIY home decor projects are the best when you can get two for the price of one! Hometalker Kimberly Renae takes us step-by-step through this easy DIY pet bed, where she transforms an old side table into a funky modern pet bed for her adorable new kittens. Not only do the cats get a new private space, but the pet bed can also be used as a cute bedside table. Two for the price of one, our favorite kind of DIY!

14. Dollar Store Pumpkins 3 Ways

Looking for something easy and affordable to spice up your fall decor? Blogger Maura White at shares her awesome DIY decorated pumpkins which are perfect for the fall and Halloween season. Purchase your pumpkins on the cheap at any dollar store and follow these instructions for adorable yet classy DIY pumpkins! Maura uses spray paint, faux leaves, glitter and adhesives to create these easy pumpkins that will accent any fall decor. Check out the full project at:

15. Staircase From Ho-Hum To OMG

Hometalker Alicia W took her staircase from ho-hum to OMG and shows us how to do it with this step-by-step tutorial. If your steps are boring you, check out how Alicia transformed her steps into something beautiful! With just a few easy-to-purchase materials like vinyl wallpaper, utility knife and credit card, this DIY staircase makeover is a sinch. Measure and add vinyl adhesive to your kick plates, and makeover your staircase in just a few hours with results that will wow your friends and family.

16. Fireplace Update

This DIY fireplace update will leave your guests wondering where you found those incredible unique tiles… and we won’t give away your secret! Cutting Edge Stencils shares Sarah’s DIY fireplace surround update; she uses the Santa Ana Tile Pattern which was inspired by traditional Spanish and Portuguese Azulejos tile designs. With these tile patterned stencils, lots of painter’s tape and a stencil brush, Sarah completely transformed her fireplace. Check out these step-by-step easy DIY home decor instructions and get stenciling!

17. Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

DIY home decor does not have to cost a fortune! Hometalker Couponing4ever shares her awesome DIY dollar store farmhouse kitchen decor ideas. With some picture frames and a wire waste paper basket purchased at the dollar store, you can make adorable farmhouse kitchen decor. With a little love and lots of creativity, Couponing4ever shares her step-by-step tutorial here. Add some twine, hooks and wooden accents, and your easy DIY home decor will have that perfectly quaint farmhouse feel!

18. Fall Bottle Decor

If you’re a seasoned DIYer, you already have most of the materials you’ll need for this awesome DIY fall decor bottle. Grab any glass bottle, fall colored glitter, some faux foliage and your trusty glue gun, and you’ve got a beautiful DIY fall centerpiece for your table, mantel or other favorite decor spot. This easy and inexpensive DIY fall decor piece will take center stage in your fall decor arrangement.

19. DIY Kid Friendly Placemats

Some of us want to have it all: kids AND awesome home decor! Over at the Zest It Up blog, Chanda shows us how we can have our cake and eat it too! These beautiful DIY washable placemats are not only kid friendly, but they’re decor friendly, too. Use any linoleum of your choice, a T-square and exacto blade to cut the linoleum, and presto: adorable linoleum washable placemats that are kid friendly and look great too!

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