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Valerie jones
by Valerie jones
4 Materials
30 Minutes
Hey everybody!! It’s been a while!
heres a little idea I implemented the other day...
So I received this cute 5 year journal where you just write 1 sentence or so to answer a question on that date. Question like “today was wonderful because...”. You do this for 5 years. It will be fun to look back and see how things have changed.
Anyway, I found myself searching for today’s page. i mean seriously, who really knows what day it is🙄, so I needed a (cool) bookmark.
Cute little book
“Where is that page???”
I poked a hole in spine, and using long tweezers threaded a skinny piece of leather to inside. I had spray painted 2 washers gold. Tied one washer to the leather for inside the spine.
Then i Gently curved the other washer with my brute strength.
No, I used jewelry pliers.
Threaded it on, and glued with Gorilla superglue.
Brought it up to top and put on what day I thought today was.
Tied (and drop of glue) a GOLDEN HAND, encrusted with diamonds to hold the page for me. Hopefully she knows what day it is.
Suggested materials:
  • Leather thread   (Had it (Michaels jewelry dept))
  • Golden hand   (Had it (Michaels jewelry ))
  • Super glue   (My garage)
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