Bottle Cutting Tutorial | How to Cut a Bottle

Caitlin Bigelow
by Caitlin Bigelow
Learn the best and most effective way to cut a bottle using a hobbyist method.
There are a lot of (bad) tutorials out there on how to cut bottles. I've used this method to cut hundreds of bottles successfully. For those of you interested in cutting a bottle in under 10 seconds and upgrading to an industrial solution check out my other video here!
(The video has a lot more detail information)


A Bottle Cutter - I use Ephram's Bottle Cutter ($30) and you can get it on Amazon.

A cup of ice

Bottles to cut

A candlestick and matches
Start by scoring your bottle. The score doesn't have to be deep. Just make sure it goes all the way around and matches up with the score on the other side. If it doesn't match up, recycle the bottle and start over.
Here's my score mark.
It's time to rotate your bottle over the flame. After a LOT of trial and error I figured out you'll have the MOST success if you follow these time estimates. Your bottle should be about one inch above the flame.
Rotate the bottle slowly and continuously. Try and keep the flame directly below the score line for best results.
Apply an ice cube to the bottle and rotate slowly. You may here the glass cracking a little if you listen carefully. You will need to repeat these steps until the glass breaks. For larger, thicker, bottles it will take longer and need more steps.
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For those of you interested in cutting bottles much quicker and easier then the method above, you may consider upgrading to a wet saw for bottle cutting. Check out this video to see how it's done!
Make a cute plant terrarium with your cut bottles.
Candles I made out of cut bottles!
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