Burlap, Wood and Plastic

Susan K Mullins
by Susan K Mullins
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2 Hours
I guess one could say my kitchen is vintage, for real! It is the only room we have not remodeled since 1985. My plans are to remodel my kitchen in the near future. I have not decided on the layout, color or design I desire. Until I know what will best fit our families lifestyle, I am not going to begin the remodel. Hopefully, it will be soon. My kitchen is small and dark. So I did know I wanted a pop of color under my cabinets and I wanted to create something using burlap. The results was an inexpensive and simple project, that provided just what I wanted.
The perfect pop of color
I painted wooden letters that spelled the word "EAT" bright red with spray paint.
Now for the burlap
I laid out a piece of burlap for the background.
Silvey, helping as always🐾
I had an oval shaped blackboard that was perfect to use for the frame.
Cut out the burlap
The burlap had been folded for a while, so I carefully spread the fabric and traced around the edges to make the burlap background.
Now to iron
I did not want the creases to show on the background, so I used a steam iron and pressed out the lines.
Unraveling the burlap
I wanted the burlap to be unraveled around the edges. So I pulled a few strings to get the look I wanted...no pun intended...lol 😂
Hot glue, next.
I used hot glue and attached the fabric to the oval blackboard. I also attached twine to use for hanging the plaque.
More unraveling
I decided I needed to unravel the edges a little more. This was not a problem, since I did not glue the edges down. I did go back and glue them down after I finished unraveling the fabric.
Love the red color!
I used hot glue to attach the letters.
More spray paint
I decided I wanted utensils to go with the word "EAT". So, I painted a plastic fork, spoon and knife with silver spray paint.
Almost complete
I hot glued the plastic utensils to the board.
Completed ✅ project.
Since there is little light under my cabinets, I added the yellow pitcher to draw more attention to the area.
Suggested materials:
  • Krylon spray paint (red &silver)   (Lowes)
  • Burlap   (Hobby Lobby)
  • Plastic utensils   (Dollar Tree)
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